• Single Guy Profile Photo - godwin52za
    Godwin52za Male, 31, Charlottetown

    I'm Non vegetarian It's not that hard.. I am Separated I hate complications..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - theo13ha
    Theo13ha Male, 32, Charlottetown

    I completed my Bachelors looking for investors for my business proposal..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - nicolas27pa
    Nicolas27pa Male, 26, Charlottetown

    I am here for Better half Someone who still believes in love.. I am here for Casual Dating whom I can love!. I Don't smoke smoke when I want to have a peaceful moment..

    Man Looking for Friendship

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - adley49ma
    Adley49ma Male, 39, Charlottetown

    I Drink often Weekends are my occasion.. I'm Vegetarian I am not asking for your approval, don't bring it up..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - caleb97pe
    Caleb97pe Male, 35, Charlottetown

    I am Widowed and I would like to change that..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - absolom12bh
    Absolom12bh Male, 31, Charlottetown

    I am Vegan only on Tuesdays & Thursdays.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship but I am not sure. May be we'll be friends or we'll end up having 5 kids.. I've pursued Bachelors in Mental Retardation. Do you need me?.

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rhett14pu
    Rhett14pu Male, 35, Charlottetown

    I love Vegan I am not interested in listening to how good your steak taste.. I am a Virgo and I don't take no for an answer.. I am a Man and I like jumping from planes..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - frewin81da
    Frewin81da Male, 27, Charlottetown

    I am looking for Buddy who's great in bed!. I Drink often , only in office parties..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - brooke46au
    Brooke46au Male, 38, Charlottetown

    I Don't smoke smoke when a friend insists..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - zebulun28ma
    Zebulun28ma Male, 21, Charlottetown

    I am a lawyer Yet to experience this job thing..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ravid73bh
    Ravid73bh Male, 19, Charlottetown

    I am a Guy with a carefree nature.. I'm Eggetarian because I like to breath and eat fresh air!.

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - alan87ko
    Alan87ko Male, 27, Charlottetown

    I am here for Love Looking for love which is supposed to be in the air.. I love Vegan If you're a judgemental prick, don't bother..

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