• Single Guy Profile Photo - trumaine49do, Male
    Trumaine49do Male, 25, Castlegar

    I Do not drink because my family is strictly against it.. I completed my Masters in Tourism and Hospitality. It would be completely professional if I invite you to my place..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hudson45ga, Male
    Hudson45ga Male, 28, Castlegar

    Single. Focused. Blessed. Living Life. If you can offer something greater, let's go out on a date..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sampson78ja, Male
    Sampson78ja Male, 29, Castlegar

    I Do not drink as I love the taste.. I am looking for Love Someone who can challenge me.. I am Single Does time heals all wounds?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - abram797, Male
    Abram797 Male, 34, Castlegar

    I am Separated leaves no spice left in life.. I am here for Romance someone whom my judgemental friends would approve.. I am a Man and an ambivert..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - derek61pe, Male
    Derek61pe Male, 25, Castlegar

    My star sign is Sagittarius , make it a fun filled date.. I am a Guy and party all night kind of a person..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - stan89mo, Male
    Stan89mo Male, 40, Castlegar

    I completed my Bachelors in Hotel Management. I can serve you well.. I Don't smoke smoke. Why? Because it feels good..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - inhauu, Male
    Inhauu Male, 37, Castlegar

    I Drink often Don't try to sell it now..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - francis42so, Male
    Francis42so Male, 32, Castlegar

    I am a Man and I like jumping from planes.. I am unfortunately Widowed I don't have time to tell you the difference between Separated and Divorced. Google it.. I am here for Partner and just here for networking..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - warden579, Male
    Warden579 Male, 38, Castlegar

    I am a Man who loves to try new things.. I am a Student Nothing comes for free. Buy me a drink to know the best whey protein.. Like every Aries who are always full of life.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - somerset802, Male
    Somerset802 Male, 31, Castlegar

    I am looking for Friendship because love happens just once. And I have done it with myself.. I Don't smoke , I have tried once, didn't enjoy it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jaden794, Male
    Jaden794 Male, 36, Castlegar

    I am looking for Dating someone capable of having a good conversation.. I'm Vegetarian and I'm proud of it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hudson977, Male
    Hudson977 Male, 25, Castlegar

    I am a Singer and I work to express and impress..