• Single Guy Profile Photo - hunibb, Male
    Hunibb Male, 38, Carleton Place

    I completed my Diploma in pharma. I had a lot of free time.. I am Non vegetarian Plants give enough food..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - orland96de, Male
    Orland96de Male, 29, Carleton Place

    I am here for Romance someone who respects traditions & values..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sammyto, Male
    Sammyto Male, 19, Carleton Place

    I am single I had my reasons.. I Drink often It makes me numb. Numb is good.. I am a Guy and I like jumping planes..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - halliwell626, Male
    Halliwell626 Male, 21, Carleton Place

    My star sign is Pisces which makes me bad at confrontation.. I Don't smoke smoke. It's too late to quit..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - steve778, Male
    Steve778 Male, 20, Carleton Place

    I am a Guy with a lot of curiosity.. Being an Aquarius which makes me conservative at start...

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - kobe88ka, Male
    Kobe88ka Male, 18, Carleton Place

    I love Eggetarian because I go to gym.. I Do not drink as it helps me with my dance moves in parties..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - randell50, Male
    Randell50 Male, 36, Carleton Place

    I am a actor Learning never stops. (Sigh!).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - feivel643, Male
    Feivel643 Male, 23, Carleton Place

    I am here for Casual Dating with whom I can fall in love at first sight.. I am a consultant Yes, it's a real job..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - cartwrightbr, Male
    Cartwrightbr Male, 39, Carleton Place

    I Drink occasionally because I don't handle it very well. I don't drink much.. I Don't smoke smoke after I drink.. I am looking for Someone Special who can understand my expectations and needs.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - frewin102, Male
    Frewin102 Male, 26, Carleton Place

    I am looking for Casual Dating with whom I can get drunk.. I Sometimes If you do, let's just stay away from each other's way..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - thom52sa, Male
    Thom52sa Male, 31, Carleton Place

    I am a Man who is passionate about fitness.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - russell584, Male
    Russell584 Male, 19, Carleton Place

    Here to socialise. Don't expect me in your bed..