• Single Girl Profile Photo - maureen64sh, Female
    Maureen64sh Female, 35, Carleton Place

    I Drink often because I am too happy to die young.. I Sometimes smoke, just when am stressed too much.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - oceanne56me, Female
    Oceanne56me Female, 24, Carleton Place

    I am a banker an actual one, not a wanna be PhD kind..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kuulae, Female
    Kuulae Female, 34, Carleton Place

    I am looking for Better half who can make me happy.. I am a Masters in Library Science. (Well, people make mistakes). I am Single but I need someone to love me..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - batilde57ra, Female
    Batilde57ra Female, 24, Carleton Place

    I am looking for Buddy with whom I can fall in love at first sight.. I am a interior designer , some people would be too ugly without me!. I am a Girl and a hot one too..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - leomapi, Female
    Leomapi Female, 24, Carleton Place

    I am here for Match who can keep me happy.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - mariane432, Female
    Mariane432 Female, 20, Carleton Place

    I am here for Someone Special relationship, attachment and a happy life.. I am here for Flirting who is ambitious..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ohramm, Female
    Ohramm Female, 33, Carleton Place

    I am here for Love Someone whose last name suits my first..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - janese4ba, Female
    Janese4ba Female, 29, Carleton Place

    I am Separated mother of two dogs.. I am looking for Match Someone who is something more than just horny..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - luuia, Female
    Luuia Female, 30, Carleton Place

    I love Non vegetarian , have you tried half fry?. I am a interior designer which means I won't starve to death.. I am Separated How it happened is none of your business..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - saige80na, Female
    Saige80na Female, 18, Carleton Place

    I am a Pisces My ex told me I am obsessive, compulsive & jealous. Can you handle that?. I Don't smoke smoke. Not gonna quit that..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - phyllida1da, Female
    Phyllida1da Female, 26, Carleton Place

    I am here for Activity Partner a trustworthy one. That's it.. My star sign is Scorpio I don't like leaving things to chance..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - myyrlo, Female
    Myyrlo Female, 24, Carleton Place

    Like every Taurus , a true friend..