• Single Girl Profile Photo - ijloss, Female
    Ijloss Female, 25, Carbonear

    I am a writer I help people.. I Drink often because it makes me do things I regret..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ouvelia, Female
    Ouvelia Female, 24, Carbonear

    I completed my Bachelors in Speech Language & Audiology..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - bellaza, Female
    Bellaza Female, 20, Carbonear

    I am a Girl who is energetic 24x7. I Do not drink Don't try to sell it now.. I've pursued Post Graduation and I am working on my own app..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - fredellei, Female
    Fredellei Female, 31, Carbonear

    I am looking for Friends who can spice up my life.. I am Single We are on good terms. It won't affect my dating life..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - leanne41, Female
    Leanne41 Female, 35, Carbonear

    I am a Leo Let's start the date with a candle light dinner and end it by waking up somewhere on the mountain top!. I am looking for Soulmate If you are a realist, we'll hit it off..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - laela192, Female
    Laela192 Female, 19, Carbonear

    I have done my Masters in Architecture. I am a pain in the ass for civil engineers.. I am looking for Match but I am not sure. May be we'll be friends or we'll end up having 5 kids..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - vulpine35ch, Female
    Vulpine35ch Female, 27, Carbonear

    I Don't smoke smoke after I drink..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - cindy56mo, Female
    Cindy56mo Female, 37, Carbonear

    I am a Sagittarius My ex told me I am obsessive, compulsive & jealous. Can you handle that?. I am a Women and an avid traveler.. I Do not drink because no good story starts with 'So this one time I was having a salad...'.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - galilahi56ch, Female
    Galilahi56ch Female, 39, Carbonear

    I am here for Someone Special who can make me happy.. I am Divorced because I would prefer watching netflix and having a beer than going out on wine dates.. I Drink often , just a glass of red!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ellie13jo, Female
    Ellie13jo Female, 20, Carbonear

    I am a Masters in economics. Now I can say our country in fucked up..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - leanne90ba, Female
    Leanne90ba Female, 22, Carbonear

    I am single Why else would I be on Townler? Duh!. I am here for Partner who is family oriented..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - peace17da, Female
    Peace17da Female, 18, Carbonear

    I Do not drink , how else will I ask out people in bars?.