• Single Guy Profile Photo - ulric63an, Male
    Ulric63an Male, 19, Cantley

    I am looking for Romance some one who doesn't post inspirational quotes in WhatsApp story.. I Drink occasionally I think it's not that bad..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sascha81ah, Male
    Sascha81ah Male, 30, Cantley

    I Drink occasionally I have seen what it does to people..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - wayne32ch, Male
    Wayne32ch Male, 20, Cantley

    I am a Guy who needs a matured partner.. I am looking for Casual Dating someone who can do more than blending in the crowd..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jariath47kh, Male
    Jariath47kh Male, 35, Cantley

    I am a Leo which makes me a life savior often.. I am a Man , gender doesn't matter (for me)..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ddautt, Male
    Ddautt Male, 24, Cantley

    I completed my Masters in Natural Sciences.. I am a Libra and I love making friends..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - laurent99sh, Male
    Laurent99sh Male, 34, Cantley

    I am a Man , valar morghulis.. My star sign is Aries you simply cannot doubt my sense of humor..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - shelby98so, Male
    Shelby98so Male, 40, Cantley

    I am Single Life's too short to remain a divorcee forever..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - emrick80sa, Male
    Emrick80sa Male, 28, Cantley

    I Drink often I love my life too much to be a drunkard.. I am a writer and adjustment is in my blood!. I am here for Internet Buddies Why brings you here? (Please don't say broken heart).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - reegan951, Male
    Reegan951 Male, 36, Cantley

    I am looking for Serious Relationship If you play hard to get, you better be deserving it.. I Sometimes How can you knowing its effects on lungs?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - xweacc, Male
    Xweacc Male, 18, Cantley

    I Drink occasionally Don't make me. You'll regret it.. I am looking for Flirting because I am ready to mingle..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - alex940, Male
    Alex940 Male, 32, Cantley

    I love Vegetarian since eggs are good for health.. I Drink often I love myself too much to do it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - harmon21, Male
    Harmon21 Male, 39, Cantley

    I am a Singer with a million follower, not bragging or anything..