• Single Guy Profile Photo - matheo26so, Male
    Matheo26so Male, 19, Campbell River

    I've pursued Bachelors in Computer Applications. I make apps now. Pretty cool, eh?. I am a Photographer Love is in the hair..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - harmon71, Male
    Harmon71 Male, 38, Campbell River

    I am Vegetarian because it's just too tasty!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - norman89ha, Male
    Norman89ha Male, 28, Campbell River

    I Regularly Have you seen its packet?. Being Divorced because love stinks.. I am a flight attendant and it would make me a perfect friend..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sam59de, Male
    Sam59de Male, 21, Campbell River

    I've pursued Diploma in Fine Arts. What is life without art?. I am here for Buddy a trustworthy one. That's it.. I am Vegetarian Why exactly does it matter?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - filmore3la, Male
    Filmore3la Male, 38, Campbell River

    I am a interior designer , unfortunately.. I am a Man and a good one (very few left, hurry!).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - braylon66du, Male
    Braylon66du Male, 36, Campbell River

    I am here for Someone Special as I am new here.. I Regularly smoke. I know I won't get addicted to it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - prescot849, Male
    Prescot849 Male, 24, Campbell River

    I am single It's hard to believe I am making a profile on a dating app..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ronny5ga, Male
    Ronny5ga Male, 31, Campbell River

    I am looking for Friendship as I am new here.. I am Divorced It still feels like a bad dream. Here for support..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - daulton120, Male
    Daulton120 Male, 32, Campbell River

    I am a publisher No, I can't teach you how to click.. My star sign is Leo ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?. I am here for Partner Catch me if you can..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - madison30di, Male
    Madison30di Male, 38, Campbell River

    I am here for Partner If you are a realist, we'll hit it off.. I Drink occasionally It makes people interesting..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - thomas7, Male
    Thomas7 Male, 35, Campbell River

    I am here for Dating who is ambitious.. I am Separated and will be divorced soon..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - daniel47ka, Male
    Daniel47ka Male, 34, Campbell River

    I am a scientist and I know how to make alcoholic chocolates..