• Single Girl Profile Photo - ommler, Female
    Ommler Female, 18, Campbell River

    I am here for Long Term Relationship If you are a realist, we'll hit it off.. I am looking for Casual Dating because life's too short to fall in love with just one person..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - justine97ma, Female
    Justine97ma Female, 38, Campbell River

    I've pursued Masters and I believe education is the way to purposeful life.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - neva97gi, Female
    Neva97gi Female, 19, Campbell River

    I have done my Masters in Fisheries Science. (Yeah, it exists). I am single but I need a partner to make my fortune.. My star sign is Virgo I am filled with stupid emotions..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - juliette17, Female
    Juliette17 Female, 33, Campbell River

    I am a Women and I love watching RomCom.. I love Vegetarian since eggs are good for health..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abilena366, Female
    Abilena366 Female, 23, Campbell River

    I am looking for Friends Don't be judgemental..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kalae26va, Female
    Kalae26va Female, 27, Campbell River

    I Do not drink because no good story starts with 'So this one time I was having a salad...'. I am looking for New Friends because every person can show you a new world.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - olwynne73ba, Female
    Olwynne73ba Female, 29, Campbell River

    My star sign is Libra and I like to have fun!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - fredia55ch, Female
    Fredia55ch Female, 37, Campbell River

    I am looking for Partner who loves to try new stuff.. I am a banker and am passionate about the figures..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nokomis5di, Female
    Nokomis5di Female, 33, Campbell River

    I am Single because my partner cheated on me.. I'm Vegetarian Now you know I don't discriminate..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ite8, Female
    Ite8 Female, 37, Campbell River

    I love Eggetarian I turned a while back.. I am a photographer I did Anupam Kher's hair once..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ninaya, Female
    Ninaya Female, 31, Campbell River

    I am an Capricorn I am optimistic and straightforward.. I am a Women who takes life casually..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - fredricia121, Female
    Fredricia121 Female, 23, Campbell River

    I am an writer and am passionate about the figures..