• Single Girl Profile Photo - marge27ch, Female
    Marge27ch Female, 19, Calgary

    I am a Girl who is a technology enthusiast.. I am a baker and not just a Brainiac..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - margeoz, Female
    Margeoz Female, 32, Calgary

    I am Vegetarian because survey states that vegans lead a healthier life than non-vegetarians..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - frederine43di, Female
    Frederine43di Female, 37, Calgary

    I am a Women , don't be a sexist.. I am here for Flirting as I don't know many people here..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jainee21pu, Female
    Jainee21pu Female, 18, Calgary

    I Regularly How can you knowing its effects on lungs?. I Drink often because no good story starts with 'So this one time I was having a salad...'. I have done my Masters in Information Systems Management..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - imiwii, Female
    Imiwii Female, 34, Calgary

    I am here for Match Someone who won't mind if I laugh at my own jokes.. I Sometimes because it is injurious to health..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - haleigh537, Female
    Haleigh537 Female, 36, Calgary

    I am here for Flirting that'll transform my life.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - garnette2sa, Female
    Garnette2sa Female, 21, Calgary

    I don't wanna be single by choice. Not my choice though..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - alyssa433, Female
    Alyssa433 Female, 34, Calgary

    I don't want to be depressed being Widowed I dare you to change that.. I am a Bachelors I am thinking of starting a small business.. I am Non vegetarian I won't mind if you order a salad or a steak..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ione4da, Female
    Ione4da Female, 39, Calgary

    I am a Women with an ESTJ personality.. I am here for Soulmate to add colors to my boring life.. I am a instructor Behave properly, or I know 762 ways to break your teeth..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jakobine681, Female
    Jakobine681 Female, 33, Calgary

    I've pursued Bachelors in economics. I still can do a better job than Mr. Jaitely.. I am here for Internet Buddies Bored of playing FIFA in manager mode..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - edie57ka, Female
    Edie57ka Female, 20, Calgary

    I am a actor Yes, I get paid to click pictures.. I Sometimes Can't stand smokers..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - colleen83ra, Female
    Colleen83ra Female, 35, Calgary

    I am looking for Partner who respects my space..