• Burnaby dating girl photo - brooklin572
    Brooklin572 Female, 34, Burnaby

    I'm Vegan Have you tried Kadhai Paneer? It's yumm.. I sometimes I smoke weed though. ;).

    Single Dating Woman

  • Burnaby dating girl photo - freeda11sr
    Freeda11sr Female, 18, Burnaby

    Art and literature lover. Any nerd out there?.

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  • Burnaby dating girl photo - nittawosew10lo
    Nittawosew10lo Female, 38, Burnaby

    I Drink occasionally and spread wisdom.. I am happily Single and it's fun!. I am a Women and a guitar enthusiast..

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  • Burnaby dating girl photo - phalyn62ma
    Phalyn62ma Female, 32, Burnaby

    I am a Masters I am working in a family business.. I love Eggetarian It's not boring.. I am Single but I need a partner to make my fortune..

    Woman Looking for Dating

  • Burnaby dating girl photo - leoma191
    Leoma191 Female, 20, Burnaby

    I am a Libra and I have a lot of mood swings.. I have done my Bachelors in commerce. Doesn't mean science was tough for me..

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  • Burnaby dating girl photo - daphnee20ar
    Daphnee20ar Female, 22, Burnaby

    I am looking for New People The arranged marriage thing is too scary.. I am a Girl and a dreamer!.

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  • Burnaby dating girl photo - wileen86am
    Wileen86am Female, 28, Burnaby

    I am a Women who believes in God..

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  • Burnaby dating girl photo - annika27ko
    Annika27ko Female, 27, Burnaby

    I am Women who loves cooking.. I am looking for New Friends as I'm bored of going to bars alone.. I've pursued Bachelors in Physical Education. I don't know why..

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  • Burnaby dating girl photo - kammie57ta
    Kammie57ta Female, 34, Burnaby

    I am looking for Buddy who is respectful and humble.. Being a Aries , relaxing on a beach would be a perfect date for me..

    Female Looking for Male