• Burlington Man Profile Photo - Farold36di
    Farold36di Male, 28, Burlington

    I Drink occasionally So what?. I Don't smoke I smoke weed though. ;).

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Hamilton74pu
    Hamilton74pu Male, 36, Burlington

    I am a Man who loves reading..

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Louie22sh
    Louie22sh Male, 33, Burlington

    I am looking for New People Don't be judgemental.. I am looking for Activity Partner but my mood changes quite often.. I am a dietitian , some people call me God..

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Olaf4de
    Olaf4de Male, 28, Burlington

    I am Divorced but still young enough to date.. I am here for New People who is independent..

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Lincoln91me
    Lincoln91me Male, 27, Burlington

    I am a Sagittarius , I do before I think..

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  • Burlington Dating Guy Profile Photo - Talen3us
    Talen3us Male, 22, Burlington

    I am here for Someone Special and just here for networking.. I completed my Doctorate in commerce. I didn't have anything else to do.. I love being a scientist I once smoked pot with my students..

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Roderick14ja
    Roderick14ja Male, 30, Burlington

    I completed my Bachelors and currently on a break..

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Donald47ho
    Donald47ho Male, 29, Burlington

    My star sign is Taurus be ready for a love-hate relationship.. I am a Man and an interesting one.. I love Eggetarian I am not ashamed of it..

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Jack95da
    Jack95da Male, 32, Burlington

    I Sometimes smoke. You don't at all? (Shock smiley).

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Len18ch
    Len18ch Male, 38, Burlington

    I am here for Buddy with whom I can have 2 AM conversations.. I am a Bachelors I am working in a family business..

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Camron15iy
    Camron15iy Male, 26, Burlington

    I am a Man with an ISTP personality.. I love Eggetarian I won't mind if you order a salad or a steak..

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  • Burlington Man Profile Photo - Schuyler92da
    Schuyler92da Male, 38, Burlington

    I am here for New Friends Someone for whom I can do awwwww.. I am a Man who is not in to sports..

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