• Single Guy Profile Photo - canadianbabyboynames96na, Male
    Canadianbabyboynames96na Male, 25, Buckingham

    I am looking for Internet Buddies Someone who knows the difference between a baker and a chef. (I am a baker). I am a Masters in psychology. Still can't read your mind..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jeron87da, Male
    Jeron87da Male, 35, Buckingham

    I Sometimes smoke, though I wish I could quit..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ben447, Male
    Ben447 Male, 23, Buckingham

    I am looking for Flirting because life is too short to be alone.. I Drink occasionally I'm trying to cut it down a notch.. I am a Guy I like helping people..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - martel92ch, Male
    Martel92ch Male, 33, Buckingham

    I am Eggetarian I won't mind if you order chicken.. I am looking for Internet Buddies someone who takes life one step at a time.. Being Widowed Working, independent and usually busy with work..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - franky19na, Male
    Franky19na Male, 25, Buckingham

    I am here for Romance relationship, attachment and a happy life.. I am a Pisces I can't compromise with my independence..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - gayle35go, Male
    Gayle35go Male, 30, Buckingham

    I am looking for Long Term Relationship Someone who treasures relationships, not possessions.. I am a Man who is curious about everything.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - riordyn53sr, Male
    Riordyn53sr Male, 38, Buckingham

    I am a Aquarius I am always curious to know everything in life..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - marcel68ra, Male
    Marcel68ra Male, 29, Buckingham

    I am Single Would that be a problem?. I am looking for Someone Special with all of you beautiful people. I am a Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine. Slow and steady wins the race..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - maxime436, Male
    Maxime436 Male, 22, Buckingham

    I am Eggetarian Not gonna debate on eat.. I am a Guy who is thoughtful about life.. I've pursued Masters in Fashion. Yep, I would judge you by your dressing sense..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - kenneth78se, Male
    Kenneth78se Male, 32, Buckingham

    I am looking for Someone Special who can spice up my life.. I completed my Bachelors in science and I am planning for higher studies.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - freddie37mi, Male
    Freddie37mi Male, 39, Buckingham

    I am a Bachelors in Information Systems Management.. I am a Widowed if given a choice.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ronny342, Male
    Ronny342 Male, 28, Buckingham

    I suck sometimes. If you would return the favour. ;).