• Single Guy Profile Photo - ashton16di, Male
    Ashton16di Male, 31, Brossard

    I am a Gemini and I over think a lot!. I am Vegetarian I don't like sea food though..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sheridan83sa, Male
    Sheridan83sa Male, 39, Brossard

    Working, living, enjoying life. Wanna join?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - marlow78na, Male
    Marlow78na Male, 40, Brossard

    I am a Man who is scared of spiders.. I am Widowed and bored.. I am a photographer Learning never stops. (Sigh!).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - filmore54ba, Male
    Filmore54ba Male, 18, Brossard

    I am looking for Partner where my partner stays by my side beyond all storms in life.. I Drink occasionally why shouldn't I?. I am a Guy with an ESFP personality..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - drrzu, Male
    Drrzu Male, 22, Brossard

    I am a Guy and a coffee addict.. I am here for Soulmate but I am not sure. May be we'll be friends or we'll end up having 5 kids..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - marv10mu, Male
    Marv10mu Male, 39, Brossard

    I Drink It makes people interesting.. I am Eggetarian Deal with it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - daylen33wa, Male
    Daylen33wa Male, 23, Brossard

    I don't want to be single and not looking for a shoulder to cry on..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - melville48sw, Male
    Melville48sw Male, 20, Brossard

    I Sometimes , I have tried once, didn't enjoy it.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship I still have faith in my stupid blind cupid..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - vincent75ka, Male
    Vincent75ka Male, 19, Brossard

    I am looking for Friendship someone who doesn't post pictures with dog filters.. I am working as a dentist Sorry, Can't help you with your loan.. I Regularly smoke. And I don't want to hear any lectures..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - chase50ta, Male
    Chase50ta Male, 29, Brossard

    I am looking for Activity Partner someone who is not complicated.. Being a Taurus and in love with myself!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - saul43up, Male
    Saul43up Male, 39, Brossard

    I Regularly smoke, there's no harm in that.. I am a Man who loves to drive..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ravid69su, Male
    Ravid69su Male, 34, Brossard

    I am Non vegetarian It's a healthy lifestyle..