• Single Girl Profile Photo - lael68ra, Female
    Lael68ra Female, 22, Brossard

    I am looking for Soulmate Someone who is mature and clear about life goals..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kamillia63de, Female
    Kamillia63de Female, 26, Brossard

    What made you cry the last time?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - batilde60sh, Female
    Batilde60sh Female, 36, Brossard

    I am Non vegetarian I like it balanced.. I Sometimes smoke after I drink.. I am Single It's no big deal..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - valonya33ch, Female
    Valonya33ch Female, 29, Brossard

    I am a Women and I love playing snooker.. I am here for Friends maybe. For now, just exploring the app.. I am here for Better half Wouldn't it be cool if our lust turns in to love?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - victoria1ga, Female
    Victoria1ga Female, 18, Brossard

    I Drink often because I am selfish and wants to live longer.. I Don't smoke smoke. I can still beat you in sprint..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - amanda46ac, Female
    Amanda46ac Female, 35, Brossard

    I am a Women , valar morghulis.. I am a hair stylist , please don't judge me..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - seraphin44be, Female
    Seraphin44be Female, 33, Brossard

    I am Vegan and I am proud of it (no other choice!)..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - davonna22da, Female
    Davonna22da Female, 31, Brossard

    I am here for Friendship someone who doesn't post pictures with dog filters.. I am Vegan I am planning to turning in to pure vegetarian soon.. I am a professor Love is in the hair..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nokomis40mu, Female
    Nokomis40mu Female, 38, Brossard

    I completed my Masters in Naturopathy and Yogic Science. (Mr. Modi is a huge fan of my degree). I Drink occasionally because life becomes interesting with it.. I am Separated Doesn't mean I'm an emotional wreck or easy..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - katrin67tr, Female
    Katrin67tr Female, 35, Brossard

    I am looking for Partner Now pick up your pickup line accordingly.. I am Single I hope Townler treats me well. Life couldn't..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - capree71ra, Female
    Capree71ra Female, 35, Brossard

    I am a consultant Learning never stops. (Sigh!). I am looking for Match with whom I can fall in love at first sight..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - arianna2pr, Female
    Arianna2pr Female, 27, Brossard

    I am a Women who can crack a joke or two..