• Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Janese5sh
    Janese5sh Female, 39, Brossard

    Being a Leo , a true friend.. I love Vegetarian I am fine with it..

    Woman Looking for Dating

  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Caelyn89su
    Caelyn89su Female, 34, Brossard

    I am looking for Casual Dating who likes movies, food and night outs..

    Female Looking for Male

  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Unity115
    Unity115 Female, 39, Brossard

    I Drink occasionally I don't handle it very well.. My star sign is Virgo which makes me responsible & disciplined. Raw people, stay away..

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  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Gabriella34ar
    Gabriella34ar Female, 35, Brossard

    I'm Vegetarian It's good for health.. I've pursued Bachelors in Account & Financing. It's paying off..

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  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Cassundra83at
    Cassundra83at Female, 36, Brossard

    I Drink often Don't tell my dad. (He'll tell you to mind your own business.). I am here for Friends It is about time!. I am Vegetarian Dog and chicken, not the same thing. So not the same thing..

    Dating Girl

  • Brossard Dating Girl Profile Photo - Kiara11ga
    Kiara11ga Female, 24, Brossard

    I am single but not here to re-marry or anything.. I am looking for Partner who is also looking for a fun-loving person.

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  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Elleanora18mi
    Elleanora18mi Female, 33, Brossard

    I have done my Doctorate in Business Administration. Because it's the trend..

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  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Haldanna36gr
    Haldanna36gr Female, 40, Brossard

    My star sign is Capricorn I am always there for the people I love.. I am a professor Filled with knowledge.. I am Widowed with kids..

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  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Maya88ha
    Maya88ha Female, 26, Brossard

    I love Non vegetarian and I am proud of it (no other choice!).. I am looking for Match Positive vibes only..

    Woman Looking for Friendship

  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Olwyn85pa
    Olwyn85pa Female, 28, Brossard

    You better be taller than 5'10".

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  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Whoopi33re
    Whoopi33re Female, 29, Brossard

    I am an Virgo I am hard working, dedicated & reliable..

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  • Brossard Woman Profile Photo - Laurie50se
    Laurie50se Female, 30, Brossard

    I have done my Bachelors in Home Science. (I too have no clue what it is). I am Separated but I'm in search of someone who can be compatible with me..

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