• Brandon Guy Profile Photo - kye49ka
    Kye49ka Male, 38, Brandon

    I Drink often because it's okay to loosen up sometimes..

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  • Brandon Guy Profile Photo - locke17ja
    Locke17ja Male, 19, Brandon

    I Sometimes smoke. Because once a moron told me it's cool..

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  • Brandon Guy Profile Photo - gauge40ch
    Gauge40ch Male, 19, Brandon

    I Drink often It's better than doing cocaine for confidence.. I am looking for Friends The arranged marriage thing is too scary..

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  • Brandon Guy Profile Photo - francis27kh
    Francis27kh Male, 32, Brandon

    I have done my Masters in Nursing. (If doctors are God, does that make me an angel?). I am looking for Friends someone who if believes in heaven, believes in hell too.. I love Vegan I am not ashamed of it..

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  • Brandon Guy Profile Photo - elbert76ve
    Elbert76ve Male, 18, Brandon

    I Drink often , just a glass of red!. I am looking for Activity Partner to spice up my life..

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  • Brandon Guy Profile Photo - kayden4go
    Kayden4go Male, 28, Brandon

    I am Single In need positive people in life.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship I know what I want. Do you?.

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  • Brandon Guy Profile Photo - zecharia72ch
    Zecharia72ch Male, 40, Brandon

    I am a Gemini , can you deal with the tantrums?.

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  • Brandon Guy Profile Photo - jerry91sw
    Jerry91sw Male, 24, Brandon

    I am single Does time heals all wounds?. I am looking for Partner who will treat me good.. I've pursued Bachelors in Fine Arts. What is life without art?.

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  • Brandon Guy Profile Photo - frey3na
    Frey3na Male, 36, Brandon

    I Drink You should try it.. Being a Sagittarius , make it a fun filled date..

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