• Brampton Dating Guy Profile Photo - Rudy82ba
    Rudy82ba Male, 25, Brampton

    I am an dietitian and am actually clinical in everything I do. I am Vegan and I am proud of it (no other choice!)..

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  • Brampton Man Profile Photo - Kennady65ra
    Kennady65ra Male, 35, Brampton

    I Regularly smoke, when I have to give company to a friend..

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  • Brampton Man Profile Photo - Abrasha5an
    Abrasha5an Male, 28, Brampton

    I am here for Long Term Relationship who can understand my expectations and needs.

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  • Brampton Dating Guy Profile Photo - Sheldon25su
    Sheldon25su Male, 24, Brampton

    A model with 6 pack abs..

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  • Brampton Man Profile Photo - Ricki35na
    Ricki35na Male, 36, Brampton

    I am Separated I am already talking about it with my therapist, please don't ask questions.. I am looking for Flirting because friendship is forever!. I am a Man but I was a King in my previous life!.

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  • Brampton Dating Guy Profile Photo - Kendrell0ka
    Kendrell0ka Male, 19, Brampton

    I am a Guy and I love my job (Lawyer, I kick ass).. I Don't smoke smoke. You don't at all? (Shock smiley).

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  • Brampton Man Profile Photo - Barrington91na
    Barrington91na Male, 29, Brampton

    I Do not drink but I like tasting alcohol.

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  • Brampton Man Profile Photo - Stafford87mu
    Stafford87mu Male, 38, Brampton

    I Drink occasionally why shouldn't I?. I am looking for Romance Someone who is tall. Like really tall..

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  • Brampton Man Profile Photo - Ravid34ch
    Ravid34ch Male, 40, Brampton

    I am Vegan because I love my taste buds more than animals.. I Do not drink because it makes the world look interesting.

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  • Brampton Man Profile Photo - Carlyle55be
    Carlyle55be Male, 36, Brampton

    I'm Vegetarian Life's too short to not eat eggs..

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  • Brampton Man Profile Photo - Reeves86su
    Reeves86su Male, 27, Brampton

    I'm Vegetarian I won't mind if you order a pizza or meat. Just don't ask me to taste.. I am a Man and I can talk to ghosts.. I am here for Internet Buddies who can be trustworthy..

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  • Brampton Man Profile Photo - Ross67va
    Ross67va Male, 33, Brampton

    I am here for Friendship who doesn't drink or smoke. I am a Man who is 24x7 cheerful.

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