• Single Girl Profile Photo - garlande73go, Female
    Garlande73go Female, 19, Brampton

    I am a single Working, independent and usually busy with work.. I am here for Long Term Relationship Someone who knows the difference between a baker and a chef. (I am a baker).

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - madison94ho, Female
    Madison94ho Female, 40, Brampton

    Being a Scorpio , probably that's why confused all the time..

    Female Looking for Male

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - philomina87ba, Female
    Philomina87ba Female, 23, Brampton

    I am single I am learning to be happy.. I love Non vegetarian Yes, I am cruel. We live in a cruel world.. I am here for New Friends How about that!.

    Girl looking for Guy

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - daliborka12kh, Female
    Daliborka12kh Female, 34, Brampton

    I am into Singer I am a good liar.. I am looking for Friendship to add colors to my boring life.. I am looking for New Friends I am an old soul. You have been warned..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abrahana34ba, Female
    Abrahana34ba Female, 20, Brampton

    I am looking for Buddy Someone who doesn't post every picture on Instagram with a million hashtag.. I am a Girl , a clever one!.

    Girl Looking for Men

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - randa28ba, Female
    Randa28ba Female, 23, Brampton

    I am a Girl who is not in to sports.. I completed my Bachelors in Financial investment and Analysis. In other words, I am smart..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ellan534, Female
    Ellan534 Female, 18, Brampton

    I am a Girl and an avid traveler..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - claudia8mo, Female
    Claudia8mo Female, 33, Brampton

    I'm warning you, I'm a Pisces I am practical, ambitious and sensual. I Drink often because my family is strictly against it.. I am happily Divorced Does time heals all wounds?.

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - fayre79ap, Female
    Fayre79ap Female, 22, Brampton

    I Drink often Does it matter?. I am looking for Someone Special Why brings you here? (Please don't say broken heart). My star sign is Aquarius and I seek balance. So, remember to order food with beer..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - colleen17ta, Female
    Colleen17ta Female, 35, Brampton

    I Drink occasionally Don't tell me how good it is. I don't like it.. I am a lawyer Let's discuss world?.

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - itidal244, Female
    Itidal244 Female, 35, Brampton

    Being a Virgo I am independent and ambitious in nature.. I'm Widowed and searching for someone with a good sense of humour, good looks and perverted mind. Basically looking for my alter ego..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - serene789, Female
    Serene789 Female, 33, Brampton

    I Drink often and neither do I intend to drink anytime soon..

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