• Single Guy Profile Photo - farr58pa
    Farr58pa Male, 27, Boucherville

    I'm Vegetarian It's easy to make. My maid quit a month ago.. I am Single and need a friend..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rock75up
    Rock75up Male, 18, Boucherville

    I am a Scorpio I am usually surrounded by people..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - river9ko
    River9ko Male, 32, Boucherville

    I am a blogger It helps me fulfilling my travel goals.. I am Single leaves no spice left in life.. I am a Pisces I feel a strong empathy! You'll love me..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - halstead57da
    Halstead57da Male, 23, Boucherville

    I am an Cancer Friendship is everything to me.. I am here for Internet Buddies who loves to try new stuff..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rohan51ga
    Rohan51ga Male, 27, Boucherville

    I Drink often I am not a drunkard.. I am here for Flirting Someone who loves life!.

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - jaya99oo
    Jaya99oo Male, 22, Boucherville

    I am a Guy and I own a dog..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - peternew50ra
    Peternew50ra Male, 35, Boucherville

    I am Divorced though I prefer calling myself single.. I am a Aquarius and I seek compatibility.. I Regularly smoke, it's no big deal..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - walden28ra
    Walden28ra Male, 38, Boucherville

    I love Non vegetarian since eggs are good for health.. I am here for Friends who can trot along with me.. I am Widowed I think it's because I don't own an iPhone..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - julian1su
    Julian1su Male, 38, Boucherville

    I am here for Better half who are full of life and adventure. I'm Non vegetarian because that's what nature intended humans to be..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - isaiah0bo
    Isaiah0bo Male, 28, Boucherville

    I am a Man with an outgoing personality.. I Don't smoke smoke, just when am stressed too much.

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - sylvain19to
    Sylvain19to Male, 32, Boucherville

    I am looking for Partner Someone who is a binge eater..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - gerard14na
    Gerard14na Male, 19, Boucherville

    I am looking for Friendship who loves adventure, movies and food.. I am here for Internet Buddies Someone who treasures relationships, not possessions.. I Do not drink It makes people interesting..

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