• Single Girl Profile Photo - caoimhe376, Female
    Caoimhe376 Female, 19, Boucherville

    I Drink occasionally Does it matter?. I am looking for Casual Dating Someone who is kind. Is that too much to ask in today's world?.

    Girl Looking for Men

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - adele277, Female
    Adele277 Female, 21, Boucherville

    I've pursued Masters in commerce. I didn't have anything else to do..

    Female Looking for Male

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - leah64pi, Female
    Leah64pi Female, 37, Boucherville

    I Regularly smoke. Once in a blue moon.. I completed my Bachelors in Financial investment and Analysis. In other words, I am smart.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship to spice up my life..

    Woman Looking for Dating

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - davida86za, Female
    Davida86za Female, 35, Boucherville

    I am unfortunately Separated Long story.. I Do not drink I live life on my own terms.. I am a Sagittarius and a great multitasker. (does not necessarily mean I am dating multiple people).

    Single Dating Woman

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - brooklin21mo, Female
    Brooklin21mo Female, 28, Boucherville

    I am an Gemini , but are you really in to this dumb stuff?. I am here for Someone Special looking for a gypsy soul basically..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ootadabun35ba, Female
    Ootadabun35ba Female, 29, Boucherville

    I am a Women who makes the best of situations. I Sometimes You should quit too..

    Boucherville Dating Girl

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - harleyann74sr, Female
    Harleyann74sr Female, 30, Boucherville

    I am a Women and I can solve rubik's cube..

    Boucherville Dating Women

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - phalyn42oa, Female
    Phalyn42oa Female, 36, Boucherville

    I am an actor I get to boss people.. I am looking for Romance who respects my space.. I love Non vegetarian Mock me all you want. I don't care..

    Women Seeking Men

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - elveera899, Female
    Elveera899 Female, 21, Boucherville

    I am here for Soulmate someone who is an idealist.. I am Vegetarian , you wouldn't know why if you aren't one.. I am looking for Better half someone who doesn't post pictures with dog filters..

    Single Dating Girl

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - alfreda3ba, Female
    Alfreda3ba Female, 23, Boucherville

    I Sometimes , why spend money on something which would make my life span shorter?. I am single Don't bring it up..

    Girl Seeking Guy

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abiela91de, Female
    Abiela91de Female, 40, Boucherville

    I Sometimes smoke; only when I'm with my friends.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship Someone who's as bad a dancer as me..

    Female Seeking Male

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - olypme94pi, Female
    Olypme94pi Female, 22, Boucherville

    I am a Masters I am thinking of starting a small business..

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