• Single Girl Profile Photo - phyliss845, Female
    Phyliss845 Female, 32, Boucherville

    I am a Virgo I've been known to be a true friend.. I Do not drink I am not a drunkard..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - carlena185, Female
    Carlena185 Female, 37, Boucherville

    I am a Women and a FRIENDS fanatic..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - michaela64ma, Female
    Michaela64ma Female, 38, Boucherville

    I am here for Friendship Nothing else.. I am Divorced and awkward.. I Drink occasionally Drink at first sight kind of a person..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kaitlyn29bo, Female
    Kaitlyn29bo Female, 28, Boucherville

    I am happily Separated It will take me some time to share my personal details.. I am here for Serious Relationship who's great in bed!. I've pursued Doctorate in Architecture. I am a pain in the ass for civil engineers..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - fredella9, Female
    Fredella9 Female, 24, Boucherville

    I am Vegetarian because all animals are equal. Would you kill a dog?. I am looking for Friends Someone who is fun to be around..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - brielle24me, Female
    Brielle24me Female, 32, Boucherville

    I Don't smoke and I am happy that I don't.. I Drink because it makes me do things I regret..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - frerika76ch, Female
    Frerika76ch Female, 37, Boucherville

    Being an Capricorn ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - edwina833, Female
    Edwina833 Female, 35, Boucherville

    I am here for Buddy someone who respects traditions & values.. I completed my Masters in Home Science. (I too have no clue what it is).

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - orva86di, Female
    Orva86di Female, 21, Boucherville

    I Drink often in order to forget things.. I am looking for Flirting someone who is beautifully complicated.. My star sign is Gemini I feel better to be in the company of witty and fun loving people.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - savonne875, Female
    Savonne875 Female, 35, Boucherville

    I am here for Partner For now at least.. I am a Women who is a movie freak..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - vellmasu, Female
    Vellmasu Female, 39, Boucherville

    I completed my Bachelors in Social Works. Do good, have good.. I am looking for New People can I find it here?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - leonie43ra, Female
    Leonie43ra Female, 21, Boucherville

    I Don't smoke smoke when a friend insists..