• Single Girl Profile Photo - cassity97ge, Female
    Cassity97ge Female, 39, Bloodvein

    Being a Cancer I love intellectual conversations.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - haldanna421, Female
    Haldanna421 Female, 30, Bloodvein

    I am here for New Friends someone who respects traditions & values..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - hazel33na, Female
    Hazel33na Female, 19, Bloodvein

    I Drink occasionally I'm an engineer.. I am here for Serious Relationship I need someone who can inspire me to go to gym.. I am here for Flirting someone who is not complicated..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - frederine91ba, Female
    Frederine91ba Female, 20, Bloodvein

    I Sometimes smoke, I hope you don't have a problem with that.. I am here for Partner who doesn't drink or smoke. I have done my Bachelors in Fisheries Science. (Yeah, it exists).

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - serenah504, Female
    Serenah504 Female, 23, Bloodvein

    I am looking for Dating someone who loves variety.. I love Vegetarian I can order veg on our date if you have a problem with meat.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jack733, Female
    Jack733 Female, 32, Bloodvein

    I'm Eggetarian Why do people treat like it's a big deal?. I am an Sagittarius try not to fall for me..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - carmalit46no, Female
    Carmalit46no Female, 30, Bloodvein

    I am a Women who loves talking..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - karen689, Female
    Karen689 Female, 32, Bloodvein

    I love Non vegetarian but am strictly against non-veg. I am Widowed mother of two dogs..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - battina5me, Female
    Battina5me Female, 39, Bloodvein

    I am looking for Soulmate who is independent.. I am Widowed and looking to get remarried.. I am looking for New Friends since I feel depressed to be alone..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - fredi857, Female
    Fredi857 Female, 23, Bloodvein

    I Regularly smoke after dinner.. I am here for Casual Dating Someone who won't mind if I laugh at my own jokes..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - harleighoz, Female
    Harleighoz Female, 23, Bloodvein

    I am a Girl and an extrovert.. I love Vegetarian and I don't like other stuff.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - rosenewvy, Female
    Rosenewvy Female, 37, Bloodvein

    I am an Sagittarius I'm helpful and extremely useful to have around..