• Becancour Dating Girl Profile Photo - Ionie60sa
    Ionie60sa Female, 18, Becancour

    I am a Psychologist Don't be a smoker.. Being a Scorpio I just love being admired!.

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  • Becancour Woman Profile Photo - Vulpine96pi
    Vulpine96pi Female, 34, Becancour

    I Do not drink I live life on my own terms..

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  • Becancour Woman Profile Photo - Katty82ma
    Katty82ma Female, 35, Becancour

    I have done my Bachelors and I must say that studying sucks!. I am a Engineer Sometimes I help criminals too. (Bhagwan ki nazar mein sab barabar hain). I am Single I don't know what I am doing here..

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  • Becancour Dating Girl Profile Photo - Danika55sa
    Danika55sa Female, 25, Becancour

    I am a interior designer I am making dream come true.. I am looking for Flirting whom I can manipulate easily. (devil face smiley).

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  • Becancour Dating Girl Profile Photo - Ellayne432
    Ellayne432 Female, 20, Becancour

    I Regularly smoke, it's no big deal..

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  • Becancour Woman Profile Photo - Kattie79su
    Kattie79su Female, 34, Becancour

    I am here for Activity Partner with whom I can fall in love at first sight.. I am Divorced but don't wanna stay this way for the rest of my life.. I am a Bachelors in psychology. Still can't read your mind..

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  • Becancour Woman Profile Photo - Vanity56pa
    Vanity56pa Female, 36, Becancour

    I am Separated but I want a partner to make life interesting.. I Regularly smoke, there's no harm in that..

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  • Becancour Woman Profile Photo - Sharianne133
    Sharianne133 Female, 37, Becancour

    I am a Sagittarius family comes first for me..

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  • Becancour Dating Girl Profile Photo - Carley507
    Carley507 Female, 21, Becancour

    I am a Girl and I don't pout in selfies.. My star sign is Pisces , I seek love & beauty!. I am looking for Activity Partner Not here to boost your ego. Talk if we match..

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  • Becancour Woman Profile Photo - Kattie45dy
    Kattie45dy Female, 27, Becancour

    I am a Virgo Expensive things, bright colors and royal holidays. Now you know how to woo me.. I am a lawyer , I hope you don't count calories..

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  • Becancour Woman Profile Photo - Pheabe1go
    Pheabe1go Female, 32, Becancour

    I love Eggetarian I don't like sea food though..

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  • Becancour Woman Profile Photo - Yudelle96bu
    Yudelle96bu Female, 29, Becancour

    I am Vegetarian I would prefer if you won't order anything moving in your plate.. I am a Bachelors in Labour Management. I am kind enough to think about others.. I Regularly smoke when I want to have a peaceful moment..

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