• Single Guy Profile Photo - sylvain88pa, Male
    Sylvain88pa Male, 35, Beaverton

    I am here for Internet Buddies relationship, attachment and a happy life.. I am a Masters in Public Relations. (Kinda makes me good at relationships).

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lathrop23su, Male
    Lathrop23su Male, 27, Beaverton

    I completed my Bachelors in economics. I still can do a better job than Mr. Jaitely..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - richie277, Male
    Richie277 Male, 31, Beaverton

    I've pursued Doctorate in Home Science. (I too have no clue what it is). I Do not drink It saves me a lot of money.. I Regularly If you do, let's just stay away each other's way..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - bert60la, Male
    Bert60la Male, 40, Beaverton

    I am here for New People maybe. For now, just exploring the app.. I've pursued Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine. Slow and steady wins the race..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - aden41ch, Male
    Aden41ch Male, 29, Beaverton

    I am looking for Friendship Positive vibes only.. I am a Aries and I am always available to help people out..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - marland758, Male
    Marland758 Male, 31, Beaverton

    Being a Taurus I've been known to be a true friend.. I am a Man and a dreamer!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - arthur566, Male
    Arthur566 Male, 40, Beaverton

    I am a Sagittarius I am in constant search for harmony..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - elijah55pi, Male
    Elijah55pi Male, 35, Beaverton

    I am a actor If we click, I click. ;). I don't Drink often I am thinking of quitting.. I am looking for Better half Someone who respects everyone irrespective of age, gender or occupation..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - tttgmu, Male
    Tttgmu Male, 39, Beaverton

    I am a Masters in journalism. You can't really trust me.. I am working as a Psychologist I once smoked pot with my students.. I'm Non vegetarian Veg spring rolls taste better than chicken spring rolls. I guarantee you..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - marcelo73ma, Male
    Marcelo73ma Male, 39, Beaverton

    I am here for Better half who is charming, smart and honest.. I am a Journalist Filled with knowledge..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - louis684, Male
    Louis684 Male, 19, Beaverton

    I'm Non vegetarian Screw Karma.. I Don't smoke It's an addiction. I hate addictions..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - tige39pr, Male
    Tige39pr Male, 24, Beaverton

    If you are doing time pass, don't message me.