• Single Girl Profile Photo - trinity477, Female
    Trinity477 Female, 27, Beaverton

    I am looking for New People Someone whose idea of a perfect date is scuba diving. Horror movie would also work.. I am here for Love Someone who wouldn't talk on a movie date..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - eila530, Female
    Eila530 Female, 19, Beaverton

    I am here for Soulmate with whom I can go on fun dates..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ieasha325, Female
    Ieasha325 Female, 18, Beaverton

    I Drink often and enjoy life.. I am looking for Match Someone who wouldn't talk on a movie date.. I love Non vegetarian Why do people treat like it's a big deal?.

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - shariann46kh, Female
    Shariann46kh Female, 28, Beaverton

    I am looking for Buddy who can keep me happy. I Drink often but I'm planning to quit drinking soon.. I am a Women , happy go lucky kind of a person..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - lexie17pa, Female
    Lexie17pa Female, 31, Beaverton

    I Don't smoke My house has a no smoking rule.. I am looking for Serious Relationship if you're a good wingman..

    Woman Looking for Friendship

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - olympia69pa, Female
    Olympia69pa Female, 35, Beaverton

    I love Vegan Just chicken and mutton.. I am a Women and I can solve rubik's cube..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - connie414, Female
    Connie414 Female, 40, Beaverton

    I am a bartender Thanks to SRK, my profession is a little famous now..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - anna4jh, Female
    Anna4jh Female, 25, Beaverton

    I am a Girl with an ENTP personality.. I am here for Romance who is charming, smart and honest.. I Sometimes I don't understand why you do it..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - daralis45sa, Female
    Daralis45sa Female, 38, Beaverton

    I am a actor If you think I am having a good time, I might be acting.. I am looking for Flirting If you play hard to get, you better be deserving it..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - karine24ja, Female
    Karine24ja Female, 31, Beaverton

    I Regularly and I hate smokers.. I am Non vegetarian because plants give oxygen, why kill them?.

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - olympie717, Female
    Olympie717 Female, 26, Beaverton

    I am happily Separated and that's because I make fun of people on first dates.. I've pursued Masters in science and I am planning for higher studies.

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - genista32da, Female
    Genista32da Female, 39, Beaverton

    Life's too short to write a bio. Let's grab a drink?.

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