• Single Guy Profile Photo - gent75se, Male
    Gent75se Male, 31, Beaverlodge

    I am a Man and I was born with it.. I've pursued Bachelors and am planning for higher education.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - orval860, Male
    Orval860 Male, 39, Beaverlodge

    I Don't smoke Nope, you can't justify smoking to me..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - reynold41ga, Male
    Reynold41ga Male, 24, Beaverlodge

    I am here for Activity Partner Someone who can listen without throwing stupid advice.. I Don't smoke smoke. I know I won't get addicted to it.. I completed my Bachelors in Occupational Therapy..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - isham18ch, Male
    Isham18ch Male, 21, Beaverlodge

    I am a Guy , happy go lucky kind of a person.. I am here for Serious Relationship Someone about whom I can brag in front of my friends.. Being single Recently learned that life doesn't stop with it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - eliott44, Male
    Eliott44 Male, 20, Beaverlodge

    I am single because I don't think there are people who would like to go on a date to some tapri for a chai.. I am here for New Friends who is also looking for a fun-loving person.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lance76sa, Male
    Lance76sa Male, 18, Beaverlodge

    I've pursued Masters and a stable job is all I need. I am single Fought, loved, lost. Still walking tall..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - galton55, Male
    Galton55 Male, 27, Beaverlodge

    I Do not drink I am not addicted to it..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - alex56de, Male
    Alex56de Male, 19, Beaverlodge

    I Regularly smoke. I eat healthy food to compensate.. I am a doctor and I love to share my life with the world..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - righyy, Male
    Righyy Male, 21, Beaverlodge

    I am here for New Friends Only match if we are in sync here.. I am a Guy and I prefer Quora over Facebook.. I love Vegan because I love my taste buds more than animals..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - abraham68sa, Male
    Abraham68sa Male, 21, Beaverlodge

    I love Vegetarian If you have a problem with it, stay away.. I am an Gemini My mom's opinions matter. If we match, that means she likes you..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - zebulon8lo, Male
    Zebulon8lo Male, 34, Beaverlodge

    I am a Man who is a go getter.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship if you're a good wingman..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - doniy, Male
    Doniy Male, 30, Beaverlodge

    I love Vegetarian I didn't earlier. My trainer insisted..