• Single Girl Profile Photo - abilene736, Female
    Abilene736 Female, 34, Barrie

    I am Single Would that be a problem?. I am a Masters and God knows when I'm going to clear all exams.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - fernley896, Female
    Fernley896 Female, 40, Barrie

    I am a dentist Brownie points if you buy my brownies..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - ione425, Female
    Ione425 Female, 31, Barrie

    I am here for Romance How about that!. I am Single How it happened is none of your business..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kennedynew23de, Female
    Kennedynew23de Female, 33, Barrie

    I am Divorced and will be divorced soon.. I am a Journalist If you are a procrastinator, do not bother.. I am Vegan because that's what nature intended humans to be..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - wyanet326, Female
    Wyanet326 Female, 22, Barrie

    I am single , I am a lonely soul that needs love and acceptability.. I am a banker and in love with it..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nemera630, Female
    Nemera630 Female, 28, Barrie

    I am a Leo try not to fall for me.. I am here for Flirting Someone whose last name suits my first..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - valombrosa78dh, Female
    Valombrosa78dh Female, 26, Barrie

    I Sometimes smoke, but am not addicted to it..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - fredrica449, Female
    Fredrica449 Female, 34, Barrie

    I am a Women and I respect independency.. I've pursued Bachelors in Library Science. (Well, people make mistakes). I Do not drink , how else will I ask out people in bars?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jan24he, Female
    Jan24he Female, 33, Barrie

    I've pursued Bachelors in science and I am planning for higher studies. I am looking for Serious Relationship looking for a gypsy soul basically.. I Sometimes I quit a while back. My body is thanking me by keeping me healthy..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jacquelene75an, Female
    Jacquelene75an Female, 19, Barrie

    I am here for Buddy but my mood changes quite often.. I don't want to be single I hope Townler treats me well. Life couldn't..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - vicky142, Female
    Vicky142 Female, 18, Barrie

    I am a banker with a job.. I am Vegan I might start eating non veg soon..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - primrose107, Female
    Primrose107 Female, 18, Barrie

    I Sometimes smoke. I am trying to cut it down though..