• Single Guy Profile Photo - lee93ka, Male
    Lee93ka Male, 32, Baie Du Febvre

    I am Divorced because we live in a country which has fucked up sex ratio.. I am a Man though I wish I were an alien..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - reed88, Male
    Reed88 Male, 20, Baie Du Febvre

    New in town. Show me the way to the next whiskey bar?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - darrel1si, Male
    Darrel1si Male, 26, Baie Du Febvre

    I am a professor ; quite cool, I know.. I am here for Serious Relationship Looking for love which is supposed to be in the air.. I'm Divorced Doesn't mean I'm gonna jump in bed with you..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - julien614, Male
    Julien614 Male, 27, Baie Du Febvre

    I love Vegan Veg spring rolls taste better than chicken spring rolls. I guarantee you.. I am looking for Long Term Relationship because love is overrated..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - raphael883, Male
    Raphael883 Male, 20, Baie Du Febvre

    I am single is depressing, so I'm searching for a reason to smile..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - pavel70ra, Male
    Pavel70ra Male, 24, Baie Du Febvre

    My star sign is Aquarius I am optimistic and straightforward.. I am here for Partner as I'm bored of going to bars alone..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - peirce16pa, Male
    Peirce16pa Male, 18, Baie Du Febvre

    I completed my Masters in Speech Language & Audiology..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - aubra39ka, Male
    Aubra39ka Male, 22, Baie Du Febvre

    I Drink often I can't stand it.. I Sometimes smoke. Because I love it when it numbs the mind.. I am single I had my reasons..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ricky90ch, Male
    Ricky90ch Male, 29, Baie Du Febvre

    I am looking for Love someone who is an idealist.. I am Eggetarian Yes, I am cruel. We live in a cruel world.. I am looking for Partner Someone who can make me cocktails..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - ronny55, Male
    Ronny55 Male, 18, Baie Du Febvre

    I am looking for Friendship Please don't be a creep..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - placide917, Male
    Placide917 Male, 29, Baie Du Febvre

    I completed my Diploma in communications. I can talk!. I am here for Friendship who is charming, smart and honest..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - wardengu, Male
    Wardengu Male, 38, Baie Du Febvre

    I love being a baker I add beauty to the dump..