• Single Girl Profile Photo - adele915, Female
    Adele915 Female, 32, Baie Du Febvre

    I am a Libra Let's start the date with a candle light dinner and end it by waking up somewhere on the mountain top!. I am a Women , don't be a sexist..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - shelley280, Female
    Shelley280 Female, 23, Baie Du Febvre

    I Drink It tastes bitter. Why do you like it?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - derran453, Female
    Derran453 Female, 21, Baie Du Febvre

    I am a Doctorate in Home Science. (I make a mistake twice. Second one on the even bigger level). I Sometimes smoke. I know I won't get addicted to it.. I am a Girl and you'll find me trustworthy.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - barah89, Female
    Barah89 Female, 28, Baie Du Febvre

    I am a Bachelors and am excited to hit the college. I am Single Please try to keep it simple.. I am looking for Soulmate Not here to boost your ego. Talk if we match..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - rhondabr, Female
    Rhondabr Female, 29, Baie Du Febvre

    I Drink often because I don't handle it very well. I don't drink much..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - lucy147, Female
    Lucy147 Female, 25, Baie Du Febvre

    I am a Aquarius community, I prefer loyalty and hard work over all other things. I'm a flight attendant Someone out there who is interested in me and not in my DSLR?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - diana78ba, Female
    Diana78ba Female, 19, Baie Du Febvre

    I am a scientist Thanks to SRK, my profession is a little famous now..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - coralie97, Female
    Coralie97 Female, 31, Baie Du Febvre

    I am Women and a good one (very few left, hurry!). I love Vegetarian because my life isn't boring..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - roxanne730, Female
    Roxanne730 Female, 30, Baie Du Febvre

    I am an Journalist No, Mr. Modi does not pay me.. I am looking for Love with whom I can fall in love at first sight.. I sometimes It's an addiction. I hate addictions..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - elleened, Female
    Elleened Female, 18, Baie Du Febvre

    I am looking for Romance Someone who is optimistic enough to vote for Rahul Gandhi as PM..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - peace286, Female
    Peace286 Female, 18, Baie Du Febvre

    I Sometimes I don't understand why you do it.. I was single so I'm here to meet beautiful people.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - leiree, Female
    Leiree Female, 23, Baie Du Febvre

    I am a Pisces ; faithful, caring & generous..