• Single Guy Profile Photo - marland67de, Male
    Marland67de Male, 35, Arnprior

    I am here for Long Term Relationship Why brings you here? (Please don't say broken heart). I love Eggetarian because my life isn't boring..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lewie86so, Male
    Lewie86so Male, 40, Arnprior

    I Drink often I don't handle it very well..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - carlyle58ka, Male
    Carlyle58ka Male, 20, Arnprior

    I am a Guy with class and taste.. Since I belong to the Scorpio ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?.

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rashaad97mu, Male
    Rashaad97mu Male, 40, Arnprior

    I am into entrepreneur so yeah, I always have this corporate look.. I completed my Masters in creative writing. Still can't write a good bio?. I am a Man who loves to laugh..

    Man Looking for Friendship

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - brad48se, Male
    Brad48se Male, 40, Arnprior

    I Sometimes smoke weed. Man it takes me to places.. I am a photographer an actual one, not a wanna be PhD kind..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - demarcus58ra, Male
    Demarcus58ra Male, 20, Arnprior

    I Don't smoke smoke. I love making rings.. I am a Guy who loves to laugh..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - darnall14me, Male
    Darnall14me Male, 40, Arnprior

    If you have ghost stories to tell, let's go out on a date!.

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - merwin60ta, Male
    Merwin60ta Male, 30, Arnprior

    I am a Sagittarius If you make me fall for you, you're gonna have a fun life!. I am a bartender , some people call me God.. I Regularly Because there's no stress in the world which whiskey won't cure..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lester59su, Male
    Lester59su Male, 29, Arnprior

    I am Separated but not here to re-marry or anything.. I am a Man and I make the best pasta in town.. I am here for Soulmate I might run the altar..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - joshua36ma, Male
    Joshua36ma Male, 40, Arnprior

    I am a photographer with a million follower, not bragging or anything.. I am unfortunately Single likhte hain..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - langdon66ra, Male
    Langdon66ra Male, 23, Arnprior

    I Drink occasionally I don't have a problem if you do.. I am a Scorpio I can't compromise with my independence..

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  • Single Guy Profile Photo - kira40la, Male
    Kira40la Male, 18, Arnprior

    Here to find a hangout buddy..

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