• Single Guy Profile Photo - olsen139, Male
    Olsen139 Male, 26, Arnprior

    I am Vegetarian and I don't like other stuff. I am here for Friendship after all, what is life without love?.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - geoffrey93ja, Male
    Geoffrey93ja Male, 34, Arnprior

    I am a Man who takes life as it comes..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - randal98, Male
    Randal98 Male, 24, Arnprior

    I am a doctor , here for networking.. I am here for Buddy Someone who wouldn't talk on a movie date.. I Don't smoke smoke; only when I'm with my friends..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - stacey715, Male
    Stacey715 Male, 32, Arnprior

    I am here for Serious Relationship Someone who can bargain like a pro.. I am here for Partner who is family oriented.. I'm Vegetarian I want to go to heaven..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - randolph8sa, Male
    Randolph8sa Male, 31, Arnprior

    I'm Non vegetarian why are you not?. Unlike most Capricorn and all I seek is fun..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - trumaine287, Male
    Trumaine287 Male, 27, Arnprior

    I am a consultant Not just a decorator.. I am here for Internet Buddies who is also looking for a fun-loving person.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - rob8ma, Male
    Rob8ma Male, 38, Arnprior

    I am looking for New Friends Someone who won't mind if I laugh at my own jokes..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - freddie718, Male
    Freddie718 Male, 35, Arnprior

    I am looking for New Friends Won't it be fun if we leave this for future?. I Don't smoke just for the gist of it.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - viktor612, Male
    Viktor612 Male, 23, Arnprior

    I am done being single It has taught me to judge a character well.. I am a Guy and I like horror movies..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lani269, Male
    Lani269 Male, 18, Arnprior

    I Drink often as I have a huge social circle.. I've pursued Post Graduation but I am planning to start a business..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - feivel90pu, Male
    Feivel90pu Male, 36, Arnprior

    I've pursued Bachelors in commerce. I didn't have anything else to do.. I am a baker I am a problem solver..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - riordan627, Male
    Riordan627 Male, 37, Arnprior

    Hello, I am glad to be here!.