• Armstrong Guy Profile Photo - forwll
    Forwll Male, 37, Armstrong

    I am a professor I don't know why the P is silent.. I Sometimes and I'll never smoke..

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  • Armstrong Guy Profile Photo - rich70va
    Rich70va Male, 20, Armstrong

    I am a Guy who is a health freak..

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  • Armstrong Guy Profile Photo - ricky78bo
    Ricky78bo Male, 30, Armstrong

    I am looking for Internet Buddies Someone who can enjoy Pyaar ka Punchnama as well as The Notebook.. I Drink often It's better than doing cocaine for confidence.. I Regularly smoke, because I love buying ash trays. And I don't want to see it going waste..

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  • Armstrong Guy Profile Photo - reynold87bh
    Reynold87bh Male, 31, Armstrong

    I am Widowed Don't judge.. I love Vegan I am planning to turning in to pure vegetarian soon.. I am looking for Partner and true love..

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  • Armstrong Guy Profile Photo - pete1ge
    Pete1ge Male, 37, Armstrong

    Being a Sagittarius and hence an optimistic risk taker (which is quite dangerous if you think).. I am a Man I like helping people..

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  • Armstrong Guy Profile Photo - lorne45se
    Lorne45se Male, 34, Armstrong

    I am here for Partner because I am ready to mingle.. Being a Cancer and all I seek is fun..

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  • Armstrong Guy Profile Photo - camron84an
    Camron84an Male, 37, Armstrong

    I am Widowed I have made peace with the fact..

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  • Armstrong Guy Profile Photo - lovell95kr
    Lovell95kr Male, 39, Armstrong

    I am a Man who loves outdoor sports.. I love Non vegetarian I was a vegetarian once. Then I ate egg bhurji..

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  • Armstrong Guy Profile Photo - shari82ba
    Shari82ba Male, 19, Armstrong

    I am here for Buddy Someone who wouldn't talk on a movie date.. I am here for New Friends Strictly!.

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