• Single Girl Profile Photo - primrose952, Female
    Primrose952 Female, 18, Antrim

    I am here for Internet Buddies Nothing else..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - shamirah229, Female
    Shamirah229 Female, 38, Antrim

    I am a professor and I am good at giving people a rocking night..

    Single Dating Woman

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - hannah32bo, Female
    Hannah32bo Female, 22, Antrim

    I am a Bachelors in Divinity. (Nope, not making this up).

    Girl Looking for Men

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - redkll, Female
    Redkll Female, 33, Antrim

    I am here for Long Term Relationship whom I can manipulate easily. (devil face smiley). I love Non vegetarian Eggs are called breakfast of champions. Would you like to go out with a champion?.

    Women Seeking Guys

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - carlee55ga, Female
    Carlee55ga Female, 34, Antrim

    I am a Women who loves dogs. I am looking for New People Someone who is kind. Is that too much to ask in today's world?.

    Female Seeking Male

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abebi813, Female
    Abebi813 Female, 38, Antrim

    I Don't smoke smoke. Not gonna quit that.. I am a professor I would be judging you by your haircut..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - cassundra17va, Female
    Cassundra17va Female, 20, Antrim

    I love Non vegetarian but I can eat non veg gravy..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - arianna844, Female
    Arianna844 Female, 20, Antrim

    I am looking for Activity Partner Though it keeps on changing time to time.. I Don't smoke because I don't like it.. I am looking for New Friends since I feel depressed to be alone..

    Antrim Dating Girl

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - serene936, Female
    Serene936 Female, 32, Antrim

    I love Eggetarian because that's the way to healthy and positive life.. I Regularly smoke, it feels good..

    Woman Looking for Friendship

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - nelly50ve, Female
    Nelly50ve Female, 40, Antrim

    I am a Women and I like swimming.. I am here for Someone Special Someone who respects everyone irrespective of age, gender or occupation..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - georgiana3ka, Female
    Georgiana3ka Female, 26, Antrim

    I am Eggetarian I am satisfied with the variety here..

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  • Single Girl Profile Photo - itzel80ch, Female
    Itzel80ch Female, 31, Antrim

    I Drink often Don't worry, I'm not here to marry you.. I am Separated I have a complicated life.. I have done my Masters and I learned how to drink..

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