• Single Girl Profile Photo - oliva36an, Female
    Oliva36an Female, 29, Antigonish

    I Don't smoke smoke. You don't at all? (Shock smiley). I am looking for Match someone who can keep me on my toes..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - elvinia1th, Female
    Elvinia1th Female, 39, Antigonish

    I don't Do not drink as it helps me with my dance moves in parties..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - urith60ta, Female
    Urith60ta Female, 20, Antigonish

    I am looking for Flirting someone whom my judgemental friends would approve.. I have done my Ph. D in Tourism and Hospitality. You would have a nice time with me.. I Don't smoke smoke. Because I love it when it numbs the mind..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - marie24up, Female
    Marie24up Female, 35, Antigonish

    I am looking for Friendship Someone who values finer things in life.......such as a good hair day!. I am a Women and I am a total dating material..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - pollyanna44sa, Female
    Pollyanna44sa Female, 19, Antigonish

    I am an Engineer Someone out there who is interested in me and not in my DSLR?. I am looking for Someone Special Positive vibes only..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - melanie16kh, Female
    Melanie16kh Female, 28, Antigonish

    I Drink often A couple of drinks every alternate day doesn't hurt.. I am a baker I get to boss people..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - jenna52vi, Female
    Jenna52vi Female, 20, Antigonish

    I am a Girl who is good at everything. Almost everything. Very few things actually. Okay fine! Good at nothing..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abbynew102, Female
    Abbynew102 Female, 36, Antigonish

    I completed my Bachelors but I want to be an entrepreneur. I am Separated and I am ready to date again.. I am looking for Dating who is charming, smart and honest..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gabriella44gu, Female
    Gabriella44gu Female, 38, Antigonish

    I am here for Romance Someone whose idea of a perfect date is scuba diving. Horror movie would also work.. I am Widowed I think it's because I don't own an iPhone.. I Drink occasionally I bring whiskey in knife fight. A bottle of whiskey. A sharp edged bottle of whiskey..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - elvyra76ba, Female
    Elvyra76ba Female, 35, Antigonish

    I am looking for Match Strictly!. I am into flight attendant because gym alone doesn't help sweety!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - pixie55ba, Female
    Pixie55ba Female, 20, Antigonish

    I am here for New Friends whom I can love!. I have done my Masters in Home Science. (I make a mistake twice. Second one on the even bigger level).

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - davida970, Female
    Davida970 Female, 25, Antigonish

    Being a Gemini and hence an optimistic risk taker (which is quite dangerous if you think)..