• Antigonish Woman Profile Photo - Jacob84up
    Jacob84up Female, 36, Antigonish

    I am a Pisces and you'll find an excellent communicator in me..

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  • Antigonish Woman Profile Photo - Gavrila988
    Gavrila988 Female, 32, Antigonish

    I love Vegetarian Why exactly does it matter?.

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  • Antigonish Dating Girl Profile Photo - Daphne82sh
    Daphne82sh Female, 25, Antigonish

    I Drink occasionally because I'm too poor to afford a liver transplant.. I love Eggetarian because all animals are equal. Would you kill a dog?. I am a Bachelors in Speech Language & Audiology..

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  • Antigonish Dating Girl Profile Photo - Abbygail66sa
    Abbygail66sa Female, 20, Antigonish

    I am Non vegetarian Why do people treat like it's a big deal?. I Drink occasionally Will you judge me based on it?.

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  • Antigonish Woman Profile Photo - Powaqa75lo
    Powaqa75lo Female, 32, Antigonish

    I Don't smoke smoke, I would quit real soon..

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  • Antigonish Woman Profile Photo - Maji934
    Maji934 Female, 29, Antigonish

    I am Eggetarian because I like to breath and eat fresh air!. I am a Women and a feminist.. I Sometimes smoke. Don't judge me..

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  • Antigonish Woman Profile Photo - Scarlet84mi
    Scarlet84mi Female, 33, Antigonish

    I Don't smoke Have you seen its packet?. I am looking for Internet Buddies How about that!.

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  • Antigonish Dating Girl Profile Photo - Zohra59sa
    Zohra59sa Female, 22, Antigonish

    I Drink often because life becomes interesting with it..

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  • Antigonish Woman Profile Photo - Elvyra25bh
    Elvyra25bh Female, 39, Antigonish

    I have done my Masters in Natural Sciences.. I am looking for Dating who is serious about life.. I am a Women who needs a matured partner..

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  • Antigonish Woman Profile Photo - Peyton21na
    Peyton21na Female, 35, Antigonish

    I Don't smoke smoke, because I love buying ash trays. And I don't want to see it going waste.. I am Vegetarian I tried it once, addicted to it since then..

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  • Antigonish Dating Girl Profile Photo - Lucas71mo
    Lucas71mo Female, 24, Antigonish

    I am a Girl who is always cheerful.

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  • Antigonish Dating Girl Profile Photo - Batsheba76la
    Batsheba76la Female, 23, Antigonish

    I am a Graphic Designing I add beauty to the dump.. I am looking for Partner who is also looking for a fun-loving person. I am an Cancer How does swimming sound for a first date?.

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