• Ajax Woman Profile Photo - Joanne75oa
    Joanne75oa Female, 30, Ajax

    I Drink occasionally I don't have a problem if you do.. I have done my Masters in sports. I am quite athletic..

    Single Dating Woman

  • Ajax Dating Girl Profile Photo - Genisia60gr
    Genisia60gr Female, 23, Ajax

    I am Vegetarian I want to go to heaven..

    Girl looking for Guy

  • Ajax Dating Girl Profile Photo - Marilou498
    Marilou498 Female, 22, Ajax

    I am a Girl and I love exploring places.. I Regularly smoke. Just a mild cigarette once in a few days.. I am single because love stinks..

    Dating Women

  • Ajax Woman Profile Photo - Lea98mo
    Lea98mo Female, 28, Ajax

    I Do not drink It saves me a lot of money.. I have done my Bachelors in science, and I'm preparing for government job..

    Looking for Singles

  • Ajax Woman Profile Photo - Algoma30vy
    Algoma30vy Female, 30, Ajax

    I am here for Dating Someone for whom I can do awwwww..

    Women Seeking Guys

  • Ajax Woman Profile Photo - Ellectra0ra
    Ellectra0ra Female, 36, Ajax

    I am a dentist with a million follower, not bragging or anything.. I am Divorced so I'm here to meet beautiful people. I'm Vegetarian It's a healthy lifestyle..

    Female Seeking Male

  • Ajax Dating Girl Profile Photo - Katty41sa
    Katty41sa Female, 24, Ajax

    I am here for Friends someone who loves experimenting.. I am unfortunately single because love stinks..

    Girl Seeking Guy

  • Ajax Woman Profile Photo - April52ve
    April52ve Female, 30, Ajax

    I am Separated Not sure what I want..

    Women Looking for Men

  • Ajax Woman Profile Photo - Wuti88ba
    Wuti88ba Female, 29, Ajax

    I am looking for Flirting as I don't know many people here.. I am here for Someone Special Now pick up your pickup line accordingly.. I am Vegan because there's sufficient variety there..

    Woman Looking for Friendship

  • Ajax Woman Profile Photo - Ravin734
    Ravin734 Female, 40, Ajax

    I am a Sagittarius I am too stubborn to change my mind. If I don't like you on the first date, we won't be having a second date.. I am looking for Friendship because life is too short to live alone..

    Women Seeking Men

  • Ajax Dating Girl Profile Photo - Derrin11za
    Derrin11za Female, 19, Ajax

    My star sign is Gemini I am versatile & inquisitive. Let's experience everything! (Again, any Sagittarius there?).

    Female Looking for Male

  • Ajax Woman Profile Photo - Iona14gu
    Iona14gu Female, 27, Ajax

    I am here for Better half to chill out during our free time. I am a Women with an INFP personality.. I'm Vegetarian because it's yummy!.

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