• Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Ariane93ka
    Ariane93ka Female, 38, Airdrie

    I am a Women who loves to drive.. I Drink often I am totally fine handling you..

    Woman Looking for Dating

  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Elleanor34mi
    Elleanor34mi Female, 32, Airdrie

    I am Single I think it's because I don't own an iPhone..

    Female Looking for Male

  • Airdrie Dating Girl Profile Photo - Mikayla281
    Mikayla281 Female, 21, Airdrie

    I am looking for Long Term Relationship to enjoy my life to the fullest. I Don't smoke smoke, it feels good..

    Girl Seeking Guy

  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Lucas34ga
    Lucas34ga Female, 31, Airdrie

    I am a Women with a big heart.. I'm Non vegetarian why are you not?.

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  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Georgeanna64mo
    Georgeanna64mo Female, 35, Airdrie

    I Do not drink Try it, you would love it..

    Women Looking for Men

  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Haldis42sh
    Haldis42sh Female, 26, Airdrie

    I am looking for Flirting who can make me smile.. I am a Women , not the kind who doesn't call the next day.. I am a baker Nope, can't read your mind. Are you thinking about sex? Damn! I can read your mind..

    Women Seeking Men

  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Gatita7si
    Gatita7si Female, 28, Airdrie

    I am a Women who is passionate about fitness. I'm a Gemini I live for freedom, travel & philosophy..

    Female Seeking Male

  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Sandra97ar
    Sandra97ar Female, 32, Airdrie

    I am here for Flirting Someone who likes to travel..

    Dating Girl

  • Airdrie Dating Girl Profile Photo - Haldane76sh
    Haldane76sh Female, 20, Airdrie

    I am a Leo Aloof is my middle name.. I am here for Love Someone who wouldn't ask if he could read my diary.. I am single I have to make a lot of business trips to Bangkok. It's hard to find a partner who can trust me. (Nope, can't take you along).

    Single Dating Girl

  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Megane75sh
    Megane75sh Female, 26, Airdrie

    I am a Women , happy go lucky kind of a person.. I am a hair stylist I get to boss people..

    Single Dating Woman

  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Abigil59du
    Abigil59du Female, 37, Airdrie

    I am a Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine. Slow and steady wins the race.. I am looking for Romance as I'm bored of going to bars alone.. I Do not drink because I feel its ok to drink occasionally.

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  • Airdrie Woman Profile Photo - Kristen55se
    Kristen55se Female, 32, Airdrie

    I'm Vegan It has all the nutrition I need.. I've pursued Doctorate in Energy Study. Save it people, else we're doomed..

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