• Single Girl Profile Photo - yoki93, Female
    Yoki93 Female, 33, Airdrie

    I am here for Dating because being alone feels bad.. I am looking for Partner who can spice up my life..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gatita60ba, Female
    Gatita60ba Female, 38, Airdrie

    I'm Separated Apparently love isn't enough..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - gavriellajo, Female
    Gavriellajo Female, 27, Airdrie

    I am a Masters in Divinity. (Nope, not making this up). I am looking for Friends because life is too short to live alone.. I am a Aquarius Even the picture associated with my sun sign is dirty. Would you be able to handle me?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - abeeja57ba, Female
    Abeeja57ba Female, 33, Airdrie

    I am a publisher Nope, I am not gonna check your paining tooth. It's a date, not an appointment.. I am looking for Activity Partner Someone who is a dreamer..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - autumn1sa, Female
    Autumn1sa Female, 35, Airdrie

    I am looking for Serious Relationship Someone who is something more than just horny.. I am here for Activity Partner Someone whose last name suits my first..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - halcyone660, Female
    Halcyone660 Female, 24, Airdrie

    I am single It still feels like a bad dream. Here for support.. I am here for Serious Relationship because life is too short to live alone..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - mila9ch, Female
    Mila9ch Female, 38, Airdrie

    I am a writer and I post pictures of food. Helps me get free food..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - claire65ma, Female
    Claire65ma Female, 28, Airdrie

    I am here for Dating looking for a gypsy soul basically.. I am Separated and it's fun!.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - kathya20du, Female
    Kathya20du Female, 31, Airdrie

    I am looking for Flirting some one who doesn't post inspirational quotes in WhatsApp story.. I am a Women and I am quite witty..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - elodie628, Female
    Elodie628 Female, 31, Airdrie

    I am Divorced Life is too short to be sad. I learned this the hard way.. I love Vegetarian Never liked meat..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - olwin70ga, Female
    Olwin70ga Female, 29, Airdrie

    I am a flight attendant Don't be too talkative. I already have to listen to people all day.. I am a Sagittarius ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - autumnnew212, Female
    Autumnnew212 Female, 21, Airdrie

    My star sign is Leo makes me enthusiastic and full of life!.