• Single Guy Profile Photo - marcos98sa, Male
    Marcos98sa Male, 36, Abbotsford

    I am Single Long story..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - garland31bh, Male
    Garland31bh Male, 35, Abbotsford

    I love Non vegetarian I won't mind if you order a pizza or meat. Just don't ask me to taste..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - aden49da, Male
    Aden49da Male, 40, Abbotsford

    I am a Bachelors in creative writing. Still can't write a good bio?. I'm Vegetarian because my mother thinks I won't get a good wife if I eat non veg.. I am a Man and a fitness freak..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - somerset29bh, Male
    Somerset29bh Male, 39, Abbotsford

    I am unfortunately Widowed It's hard to believe I am making a profile on a dating app.. I am an dietitian you would be receiving a lot of love letters.. I Don't smoke smoke. I do enough exercise to keep it balanced..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - vyybru, Male
    Vyybru Male, 18, Abbotsford

    I am a consultant If you are a procrastinator, do not bother.. I am looking for New Friends and true love..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - calder92ba, Male
    Calder92ba Male, 22, Abbotsford

    I am Vegan but if you're Dia Mirza, I can be your R. Madhvan.. I was single someone who can understand me..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - muundo, Male
    Muundo Male, 28, Abbotsford

    I am Divorced Let's connect and know more..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - hank34ma, Male
    Hank34ma Male, 24, Abbotsford

    I completed my Bachelors in Veterinary. I won't charge you to check your dog.. I am a dietitian Don't wait for too long to match, I might become famous soon..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - gauge57se, Male
    Gauge57se Male, 31, Abbotsford

    I am Single Not sure what I want.. I am Man and a die-hard Kohli fan.. I am here for Match who can be trustworthy..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - max41ch, Male
    Max41ch Male, 18, Abbotsford

    I am here for Friendship with all of you beautiful people. I am a Gemini , probably that's why confused all the time..

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - marchjh, Male
    Marchjh Male, 30, Abbotsford

    I am a Man who loves cooking.. I am a Gemini If you're spontaneous, hit me!.

  • Single Guy Profile Photo - lovell94at, Male
    Lovell94at Male, 36, Abbotsford

    I completed my Bachelors in Occupational Therapy..