• Single Girl Profile Photo - simy36sr, Female
    Simy36sr Female, 38, Australia

    I am a Post Graduation in Homeopathic Medicine. Slow and steady wins the race.. Being a Cancer I know people very well.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - camila75mi, Female
    Camila75mi Female, 18, Australia

    Try. Fail. Repeat. I like such people..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - dayne92ro, Female
    Dayne92ro Female, 29, Australia

    I am looking for Serious Relationship who doesn't play games.. I Drink I like its taste. My ex made me like bitter things.. I am a Ph. D in Financial investment and Analysis. In other words, I am smart..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - tacey2bh, Female
    Tacey2bh Female, 35, Australia

    I love Vegan , don't judge me.. I Don't smoke smoke. I love holding a cigarette.. I completed my Doctorate and I believe education is the way to purposeful life.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - sonia561, Female
    Sonia561 Female, 20, Australia

    I am here for New People Why are people obsessed about it? Can't we go with the flow?. I am a Girl looking for an adventure..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - hilma3na, Female
    Hilma3na Female, 32, Australia

    I am unfortunately Separated and not looking for a shoulder to cry on.. I am working as a flight attendant It's different from masseuse..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - tanya64dh, Female
    Tanya64dh Female, 18, Australia

    Old enough to know better, child enough to still screw it up..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - danna17mu, Female
    Danna17mu Female, 24, Australia

    I'm Eggetarian because it's just too tasty!. I am single In need positive people in life.. I am here for Love who is respectful and humble..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - talea958, Female
    Talea958 Female, 33, Australia

    I am here for Soulmate Let's see how it goes?. I Drink occasionally I have a hold on it..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - annik90go, Female
    Annik90go Female, 36, Australia

    I am a Bachelors in Surgery. (I am better than God). I am a Virgo , can you deal with the tantrums?.

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - dulce86ni, Female
    Dulce86ni Female, 35, Australia

    I have done my Diploma in Veterinary. I won't charge you to check your dog.. I am a Sagittarius who hate being alone..

  • Single Girl Profile Photo - galia2wa, Female
    Galia2wa Female, 31, Australia

    I Sometimes smoke, I would quit real soon..