• Leeds Man Profile Photo - Kyson25mo
    Kyson25mo Male, 35, Leeds

    I am Widowed because love stinks.. I am looking for Match Why brings you here? (Please don't say broken heart).

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  • Leeds Dating Girl Profile Photo - Estelle234
    Estelle234 Female, 22, Leeds

    I Regularly smoke. I can still beat you in sprint..

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  • Leeds Man Profile Photo - Dominique87br
    Dominique87br Male, 35, Leeds

    I am a doctor and I build stuff.. I have done my Bachelors in Medicine. (Yep, I am God).

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  • Leeds Woman Profile Photo - Saniyah26ar
    Saniyah26ar Female, 35, Leeds

    I am looking for Better half who is a fitness enthusiast..

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  • Leeds Man Profile Photo - Salvador92na
    Salvador92na Male, 29, Leeds

    I Sometimes and I am happy that I don't.. My star sign is Pisces , King of all zodiac signs (Self proclaimed)..

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  • Leeds Woman Profile Photo - Elaina969
    Elaina969 Female, 37, Leeds

    I've pursued Bachelors and my destiny is to get a good job.

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  • Leeds Man Profile Photo - Trenton98ah
    Trenton98ah Male, 33, Leeds

    I love Non vegetarian because I don't like meat.. I am looking for Romance who is also looking for a fun-loving person.

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  • Leeds Dating Girl Profile Photo - Samantha22mu
    Samantha22mu Female, 25, Leeds

    I am a Cancer and I get attached to gentle people.

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  • Leeds Man Profile Photo - Kaeden97mi
    Kaeden97mi Male, 32, Leeds

    I am here for Flirting who can spice up my life.. I Drink often because I can afford a liver transplant..

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  • Leeds Woman Profile Photo - Tenley27du
    Tenley27du Female, 31, Leeds

    Drink. Sleep. Regret. Repeat..

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  • Leeds Man Profile Photo - Emory35mi
    Emory35mi Male, 40, Leeds

    I am here for Long Term Relationship but I am not sure. May be we'll be friends or we'll end up having 5 kids.. I love Vegetarian Plants give enough food..

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  • Leeds Man Profile Photo - Phoenix93bh
    Phoenix93bh Male, 39, Leeds

    I am looking for Partner someone who takes life one step at a time.. I am Divorced because we live in a country which has fucked up sex ratio..

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