• Birmingham Man Profile Photo - Cory761
    Cory761 Male, 40, Birmingham

    I am here for Someone Special in other words, looking for you!. I Regularly smoke. Once in a blue moon..

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  • Birmingham Woman Profile Photo - Rory21su
    Rory21su Female, 31, Birmingham

    I'm Eggetarian Dog and chicken, not the same thing. So not the same thing..

    Single Dating Woman

  • Birmingham Man Profile Photo - Braxton219
    Braxton219 Male, 33, Birmingham

    I am here for Romance who loves adventure, movies and food.. I am a Capricorn , the sexiest of all..

    Man Looking for Friendship

  • Birmingham Woman Profile Photo - Judith68ta
    Judith68ta Female, 32, Birmingham

    I am looking for Dating I might run from the altar..

    Looking for Singles

  • Birmingham Dating Guy Profile Photo - Turner97ka
    Turner97ka Male, 18, Birmingham

    I completed my Doctorate in Occupational Therapy.. I Sometimes smoke. I know I can control the habit..

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  • Birmingham Woman Profile Photo - Lila24lo
    Lila24lo Female, 28, Birmingham

    420 friendly. (I don't know the meaning of 420 to be honest).

    Women Looking for Men

  • Birmingham Man Profile Photo - Dangelo104
    Dangelo104 Male, 37, Birmingham

    I am a flight attendant , please don't judge me.. I Do not drink but I am not an alcoholic..

    Man Looking for Dating

  • Birmingham Dating Girl Profile Photo - Ivory33sh
    Ivory33sh Female, 18, Birmingham

    I am a professor Nope, can't solve your heart problem. (Come up with better pick up line please?).

    Girl looking for Guy

  • Birmingham Man Profile Photo - Stetson18na
    Stetson18na Male, 38, Birmingham

    I am here for Flirting whom I can love!. I am a Engineer You won't have to worry about our kid's education..

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  • Birmingham Woman Profile Photo - Romina85ma
    Romina85ma Female, 29, Birmingham

    I am a Pisces & compromising is not my cup of tea..

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  • Birmingham Man Profile Photo - Duncan14sh
    Duncan14sh Male, 39, Birmingham

    I am a Engineer , some people would be too ugly without me!. I have done my Bachelors in Tourism and Hospitality. It would be completely professional if I invite you to my place..

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  • Birmingham Man Profile Photo - Cade94ch
    Cade94ch Male, 39, Birmingham

    I am looking for Romance who is charming, smart and honest.. I am a Man and party all night kind of a person..

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