• Chennai Man Profile Photo - Gacgll
    Gacgll Male, 33, Chennai

    I am looking for Partner How about that!. I Drink occasionally because it makes the world look interesting.

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  • Chennai Woman Profile Photo - Disha6ma
    Disha6ma Female, 36, Chennai

    Teetotaller. Looking for the same..

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  • Chennai Man Profile Photo - Archit655
    Archit655 Male, 32, Chennai

    I've pursued Bachelors in mass communication. (I didn't know how else to talk to the opposite sex). I Drink occasionally I haven't done anything stupid so far..

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  • Chennai Dating Girl Profile Photo - Dhuthi5ra
    Dhuthi5ra Female, 18, Chennai

    I have a bad habit of observing. Behave properly..

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  • Chennai Dating Guy Profile Photo - Lalitaditya421
    Lalitaditya421 Male, 25, Chennai

    I don't Do not drink and I love it.. I am Vegan I won't mind if you order chicken..

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  • Chennai Woman Profile Photo - Akanksha607
    Akanksha607 Female, 34, Chennai

    I am Vegan I won't ask you to try gravy if you're a vegetarian. Don't worry..

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  • Chennai Dating Guy Profile Photo - Nishok178
    Nishok178 Male, 19, Chennai

    I Do not drink It tastes bitter. Why do you like it?.

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  • Chennai Woman Profile Photo - Ishanya537
    Ishanya537 Female, 26, Chennai

    I Regularly smoke. Preparing my body for future pollution. Have you seen Delhi?.

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  • Chennai Man Profile Photo - Sur441
    Sur441 Male, 29, Chennai

    I Drink often I do enough embarrassing stuff without it.. I am looking for New Friends Someone who is something more than just horny..

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  • Chennai Dating Girl Profile Photo - Kamitha69bi
    Kamitha69bi Female, 24, Chennai

    I completed my Doctorate in Anthropology. It's pretty interesting..

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  • Chennai Dating Girl Profile Photo - Kirtana66ja
    Kirtana66ja Female, 21, Chennai

    I am an Pisces I love my solitude, don't interrupt when I am in the zone.. I am looking for Dating because I am ready to mingle..

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  • Chennai Man Profile Photo - Raja552
    Raja552 Male, 28, Chennai

    I am looking for Activity Partner & I don't want to be used & dumped.. I have done my Masters in Mental Retardation. Do you need me?.

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