• Bangalore Man Profile Photo - Prithu345
    Prithu345 Male, 32, Bangalore

    I am a Man who is crazy about music.. I'm Eggetarian I love animals too much..

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  • Bangalore Dating Girl Profile Photo - Mehul465
    Mehul465 Female, 22, Bangalore

    I am a dentist , here for networking..

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  • Bangalore Dating Guy Profile Photo - Shrigopalac
    Shrigopalac Male, 23, Bangalore

    I am a Guy and am an achiever!. I am single but I'm in search of someone who can be compatible with me..

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  • Bangalore Woman Profile Photo - Abhinithiph
    Abhinithiph Female, 38, Bangalore

    Being a Pisces I feel a strong empathy! You'll love me..

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  • Bangalore Man Profile Photo - Daha134
    Daha134 Male, 30, Bangalore

    I am Vegan Nope never tried meat, won't ever do it.. I am a Man and I am in love with myself (not a narcissist, I think).

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  • Bangalore Dating Girl Profile Photo - Kumari54da
    Kumari54da Female, 24, Bangalore

    I Sometimes smoke. Just a mild cigarette once in a few days..

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  • Bangalore Man Profile Photo - Sanchit193
    Sanchit193 Male, 28, Bangalore

    I'm Vegetarian It's a sad story.. I am a Leo with open mind, open heart & open legs!.

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  • Bangalore Woman Profile Photo - Deeptikana59kh
    Deeptikana59kh Female, 38, Bangalore

    I am a Women with an INTP personality..

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  • Bangalore Man Profile Photo - Daivya544
    Daivya544 Male, 36, Bangalore

    My star sign is Capricorn I am in constant search for harmony.. I am looking for New Friends And I hate silly mushy nicknames..

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  • Bangalore Dating Girl Profile Photo - Charumati73jo
    Charumati73jo Female, 22, Bangalore

    I am single We just did't get along. (That's all you're gonna get).

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  • Bangalore Woman Profile Photo - Kajri39oo
    Kajri39oo Female, 34, Bangalore

    I am a Student Nope, can't get you passes of concerts.. I completed my Doctorate in commerce. I didn't have anything else to do..

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  • Bangalore Man Profile Photo - Nairit907
    Nairit907 Male, 29, Bangalore

    I am Separated and independent.. I have done my Diploma and I believe education is the way to purposeful life.

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