• Paris Dating Guy Profile Photo - Danny29kh
    Danny29kh Male, 25, Paris

    I love Eggetarian since eggs are good for health.. I'm warning you, I'm a Aries and hence an optimistic risk taker (which is quite dangerous if you think)..

    Male looking for Female

  • Paris Dating Girl Profile Photo - Genista29re
    Genista29re Female, 22, Paris

    I Do not drink because it makes the world look interesting.

    Girl Looking for Men

  • Paris Dating Guy Profile Photo - Shawn4ga
    Shawn4ga Male, 20, Paris

    I am single It has taught me to judge a character well.. I am looking for Friends Someone whose idea of a perfect date is scuba diving. Horror movie would also work..

    Single Dating Guy

  • Paris Woman Profile Photo - Hellena442
    Hellena442 Female, 35, Paris

    I am a Women and I still play super mario..

    Female Seeking Male

  • Paris Dating Guy Profile Photo - Filmore25si
    Filmore25si Male, 23, Paris

    I love Non vegetarian because my mother thinks I won't get a good wife if I eat non veg.. I Do not drink because I don't handle it very well. I don't drink much..

    Guy Looking for Women

  • Paris Dating Girl Profile Photo - Barah94si
    Barah94si Female, 21, Paris

    My family doesn't like surprises. They freaked out when I introduced them to my pregnant ex wife..

    Single Dating Girl

  • Paris Dating Guy Profile Photo - Shadrach93pe
    Shadrach93pe Male, 23, Paris

    I'm Eggetarian I eat eggs only in breakfast though.. I am a Aries , tit for tat kind..

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  • Paris Woman Profile Photo - Haleakua14ma
    Haleakua14ma Female, 26, Paris

    I completed my Masters and a stable job is all I need.

    Female Looking for Male

  • Paris Man Profile Photo - Ullric43ba
    Ullric43ba Male, 27, Paris

    I am a Man with an outgoing personality.. I Drink studies say it helps improving the libido..

    Single Dating Man

  • Paris Woman Profile Photo - Hyyopi
    Hyyopi Female, 37, Paris

    I Regularly smoke. You don't at all? (Shock smiley).

    Women Looking for Men

  • Paris Man Profile Photo - Satchel61sr
    Satchel61sr Male, 31, Paris

    I am Divorced Don't need complicated people.. I love Vegan because it's just too tasty!.

    Man Looking for Friendship

  • Paris Dating Guy Profile Photo - Vinson73va
    Vinson73va Male, 19, Paris

    Being a Aries I am always there for the people I love.. I am a Guy who loves to try new things..

    Male Seeking Female