• Ottawa Man Profile Photo - Les25th
    Les25th Male, 39, Ottawa

    I Don't smoke smoke and I like it very much.. I am here for Romance Someone who wouldn't talk on a movie date..

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  • Ottawa Dating Girl Profile Photo - Baylee595
    Baylee595 Female, 25, Ottawa

    I am a professor , I hope you don't count calories..

    Single Dating Girl

  • Ottawa Dating Guy Profile Photo - Marv5ki
    Marv5ki Male, 23, Ottawa

    I Sometimes , I have tried once, didn't enjoy it.. I am a Guy with an ISTP personality..

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  • Ottawa Woman Profile Photo - Jade89ve
    Jade89ve Female, 27, Ottawa

    I Drink I have seen what it does to people..

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  • Ottawa Man Profile Photo - Shea88ac
    Shea88ac Male, 33, Ottawa

    I am here for Love to add colors to my boring life.. I am a Man who is scared of spiders..

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  • Ottawa Woman Profile Photo - Capri45ra
    Capri45ra Female, 29, Ottawa

    I Sometimes smoke. Because I love it when it numbs the mind..

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  • Ottawa Dating Guy Profile Photo - Carsen32la
    Carsen32la Male, 22, Ottawa

    I am a Bachelors in Rehabilitation Therapy. People need me.. I am here for Someone Special who is family oriented..

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  • Ottawa Dating Girl Profile Photo - Coralie4no
    Coralie4no Female, 18, Ottawa

    Being a Virgo I hate almost everything........at some point of time!.

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  • Ottawa Man Profile Photo - Mason43lo
    Mason43lo Male, 36, Ottawa

    I am Single if I get an understanding and supportive partner.. I am here for Casual Dating who can be trustworthy..

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  • Ottawa Dating Girl Profile Photo - Myriam42do
    Myriam42do Female, 18, Ottawa

    I am single Not sure what to expect from the app..

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  • Ottawa Dating Guy Profile Photo - Mikel51va
    Mikel51va Male, 24, Ottawa

    I am Eggetarian because I'm not a cruel person.. I am a Physiotherapist Don't expect me to be a shoulder to cry on. Unless you pay of course..

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  • Ottawa Man Profile Photo - Marcello67gu
    Marcello67gu Male, 33, Ottawa

    I am here for Partner whom I can manipulate easily. (devil face smiley). I am Divorced Please try to keep it simple..

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