• Montreal Man Profile Photo - Brett8pu
    Brett8pu Male, 28, Montreal

    I Sometimes smoke. Why? Because it feels good..

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  • Montreal Woman Profile Photo - Elvine709
    Elvine709 Female, 36, Montreal

    I am here for Friendship Bored of playing FIFA in manager mode..

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  • Montreal Dating Guy Profile Photo - Carsen12dh
    Carsen12dh Male, 23, Montreal

    I Drink often and I love it.. I am a Guy who believes in gender equality..

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  • Montreal Woman Profile Photo - Carleigh12br
    Carleigh12br Female, 32, Montreal

    I am Vegetarian Eggs are called breakfast of champions. Would you like to go out with a champion?.

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  • Montreal Man Profile Photo - Roscoe37se
    Roscoe37se Male, 35, Montreal

    I'm Vegan There's nothing wrong in it.. I am here for New People who is family oriented..

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  • Montreal Dating Girl Profile Photo - Melodie97ba
    Melodie97ba Female, 25, Montreal

    I am a Girl with a twisted sense of humor.

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  • Montreal Man Profile Photo - Dylan31ap
    Dylan31ap Male, 36, Montreal

    I Drink often because it becomes awkward to stand with a glass of juice in your office party.. I Sometimes Now this is a cool thing..

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  • Montreal Woman Profile Photo - Candace345
    Candace345 Female, 36, Montreal

    If our interests match, don't wait for too long. Life is short..

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  • Montreal Dating Guy Profile Photo - Pelham46pr
    Pelham46pr Male, 20, Montreal

    I am looking for Better half Because everything else is just boring!. I am a Guy and a feminist..

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  • Montreal Woman Profile Photo - Olympia12pe
    Olympia12pe Female, 27, Montreal

    I am a Psychologist It's not as sexy as it sounds..

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  • Montreal Man Profile Photo - Gipsy8du
    Gipsy8du Male, 26, Montreal

    I'm warning you, I'm an Sagittarius I am adventurous, fun & energetic.. I have done my Bachelors in sports. I am quite athletic..

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  • Montreal Dating Guy Profile Photo - Aidyn15la
    Aidyn15la Male, 25, Montreal

    I am here for Buddy Someone who wouldn't ask if he could read my diary.. I am here for Internet Buddies Please don't be a creep..

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