• Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Ruben54so
    Ruben54so Male, 34, Gatineau

    I am looking for Partner Someone for whom I can do awwwww.. I am a Man with a killer smile..

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  • Gatineau Woman Profile Photo - Geniffer9ch
    Geniffer9ch Female, 28, Gatineau

    I Sometimes smoke. Life is too short to care..

    Woman Looking for Friendship

  • Gatineau Dating Guy Profile Photo - Sasha90ah
    Sasha90ah Male, 25, Gatineau

    I am Vegan I turned a while back.. I am looking for Friends someone who respects traditions & values..

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  • Gatineau Dating Girl Profile Photo - Katreen39tr
    Katreen39tr Female, 24, Gatineau

    I take my life in my own hands. That way, there's no one to blame to when I screw up. Basically, I like taking risks. Are you in?.

    Female Seeking Male

  • Gatineau Dating Guy Profile Photo - Gilon58ma
    Gilon58ma Male, 18, Gatineau

    I am a Masters and I believe education is the way to purposeful life. I am a Guy and I am proud of it..

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  • Gatineau Woman Profile Photo - Scarlett64be
    Scarlett64be Female, 40, Gatineau

    I am an blogger Country's future kind of depends on me!.

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Jeremie62da
    Jeremie62da Male, 31, Gatineau

    I am here for Friends Life is too short for other things.. I am a Man and I love star wars..

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Hamill57lu
    Hamill57lu Male, 37, Gatineau

    I Don't smoke smoke. Not planning to quit..

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  • Gatineau Woman Profile Photo - Mariane31mi
    Mariane31mi Female, 30, Gatineau

    I am a accountant If we click, I click. ;).

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  • Gatineau Dating Guy Profile Photo - Ramiro57ka
    Ramiro57ka Male, 23, Gatineau

    I've pursued 12th in Hotel Management. I can serve you well.. I am a flight attendant I get paid to screw people..

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  • Gatineau Woman Profile Photo - Dericka50de
    Dericka50de Female, 28, Gatineau

    I am Non vegetarian I want to go to heaven..

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  • Gatineau Man Profile Photo - Rupert54mu
    Rupert54mu Male, 34, Gatineau

    I'm a baker Think twice before inviting me to your place. I would judge you!. I am unfortunately Divorced because I don't think there's a 'happily ever after.'.

    Man Looking for Friendship