•  Dating Male Profile Photo - Basilkh
    Basilkh Male, 36, Entrelacs

    I am here for Casual Dating someone who can do more than blending in the crowd.. I am a Libra so be prepare to listen to brutal honesty..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Absolom29
    Absolom29 Male, 28, Entrelacs

    Sun is alone too, yet it shines. What are you whining about?.

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Goldwin23ch
    Goldwin23ch Male, 25, Entrelacs

    I Regularly smoke, it just keeps me going.. I am single I dare you to change that.. I am looking for Buddy Someone who respects everyone irrespective of age, gender or occupation..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Gardiner358
    Gardiner358 Female, 33, Entrelacs

    I am a Leo If you're spontaneous, hit me!. I am Single We are on good terms. It won't affect my dating life.. I am a Women with a great sense of humor..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Jenna34pa
    Jenna34pa Female, 19, Entrelacs

    I'm Vegetarian I want to go to heaven.. Unlike most Scorpio ; faithful, caring & generous..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Ziff830
    Ziff830 Male, 39, Entrelacs

    I Drink often It tastes bitter. Why do you like it?. I Don't smoke smoke when a friend insists..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Sanderhe
    Sanderhe Male, 35, Entrelacs

    I am a Capricorn ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?.

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Adam10sh
    Adam10sh Male, 22, Entrelacs

    I am here for Friends with whom I can have 2 AM conversations.. I am single if I had the option. My star sign is Scorpio and I hate change!.

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Fredricaso
    Fredricaso Female, 26, Entrelacs

    I am looking for Friendship after all, what is life without love?. I love Vegetarian I don't eat beef though.. I'm warning you, I'm a Libra ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?.

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Abigael95do
    Abigael95do Female, 23, Entrelacs

    I am single because I have trust issues.. I am here for Flirting but my mood changes quite often..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Kendale30
    Kendale30 Male, 20, Entrelacs

    I am a baker I charge by the hour.. I Drink as I love the taste..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Ellery32ba
    Ellery32ba Male, 28, Entrelacs

    I am Single and doing just fine..