• Edmonton Man Profile Photo - Ruben74vi
    Ruben74vi Male, 28, Edmonton

    I am into scientist I would be judging you by your haircut.. I have done my Masters and a stable job is all I need.

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  • Edmonton Woman Profile Photo - Katina43se
    Katina43se Female, 37, Edmonton

    I am Vegan because I am human, not a devil..

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  • Edmonton Man Profile Photo - Jerrell17kr
    Jerrell17kr Male, 34, Edmonton

    I am here for Match Someone whose last name suits my first.. Being a Capricorn Loyal, analytical & practical..

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  • Edmonton Woman Profile Photo - Eppie98kr
    Eppie98kr Female, 32, Edmonton

    I am here for Friends who are full of life and adventure.

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  • Edmonton Dating Guy Profile Photo - Kobe76bh
    Kobe76bh Male, 21, Edmonton

    I am Non vegetarian I would prefer if you won't order anything moving in your plate.. I am looking for Love I might run from the altar..

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  • Edmonton Woman Profile Photo - Geniffer66me
    Geniffer66me Female, 35, Edmonton

    I am looking for Better half I am an old soul. You have been warned..

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  • Edmonton Dating Guy Profile Photo - Laurent57la
    Laurent57la Male, 21, Edmonton

    I Regularly smoke, bad habits from office breaks..

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  • Edmonton Woman Profile Photo - Harleigh185
    Harleigh185 Female, 35, Edmonton

    I am a Aries I hate almost everything........at some point of time!.

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  • Edmonton Dating Guy Profile Photo - Jaycee91ra
    Jaycee91ra Male, 22, Edmonton

    I am single but I'm in search of someone who can be compatible with me.. I am looking for Buddy if you're a good wingman..

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  • Edmonton Woman Profile Photo - Gabriellenew50du
    Gabriellenew50du Female, 36, Edmonton

    I'm Vegetarian I am not asking for your approval, don't bring it up..

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  • Edmonton Man Profile Photo - Xiiinb
    Xiiinb Male, 38, Edmonton

    I am Divorced For now, trying to stay strong.. I am a Student A lot more than a pretty face..

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  • Edmonton Man Profile Photo - Rico22ni
    Rico22ni Male, 34, Edmonton

    I'm Non vegetarian If you don't eat eggs, you're missing a lot in your life.. I am looking for Internet Buddies If you are a realist, we'll hit it off..

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