• Dundalk Dating Guy Profile Photo - Darryl70mo
    Darryl70mo Male, 22, Dundalk

    I Sometimes smoke, though I wish I could quit.. I am an Aries , can you deal with the tantrums?.

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  • Dundalk Woman Profile Photo - Dalene271
    Dalene271 Female, 38, Dundalk

    I am here for Friends Looking for someone straightforward, upfront and honest..

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  • Dundalk Man Profile Photo - Norris9sa
    Norris9sa Male, 28, Dundalk

    I am a Pisces ; but are you really in to this dumb stuff?. I love Vegetarian Somethings are too tasty to be left alone..

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  • Dundalk Woman Profile Photo - Gaudenzia45ve
    Gaudenzia45ve Female, 31, Dundalk

    I Do not drink I can't stand it..

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  • Dundalk Man Profile Photo - Leyton6oz
    Leyton6oz Male, 39, Dundalk

    I love Eggetarian If I don't eat it, someone else will.. I am looking for Love someone who can sum up his life interests in five words..

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  • Dundalk Woman Profile Photo - Erin85de
    Erin85de Female, 31, Dundalk

    I am a Masters in Surgery. (I am better than God).

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  • Dundalk Man Profile Photo - Lancelot91da
    Lancelot91da Male, 37, Dundalk

    Being a Sagittarius and I seek balance. So, remember to order food with beer.. I am Divorced Not looking for marriage. Nothing serious..

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  • Dundalk Woman Profile Photo - Leoma25na
    Leoma25na Female, 34, Dundalk

    I am the kind of person who sings random songs like 'Zeher hai ke pyaar hai tera chumma.'.

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  • Dundalk Man Profile Photo - Paul23go
    Paul23go Male, 35, Dundalk

    Since I am a Pisces makes me enthusiastic and full of life!. I completed my Doctorate looking for investors for my business proposal..

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  • Dundalk Woman Profile Photo - Frederine55ra
    Frederine55ra Female, 35, Dundalk

    I am Separated and it was quite recently. I would need some time to meet you in person..

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  • Dundalk Dating Guy Profile Photo - Kenneth52mu
    Kenneth52mu Male, 19, Dundalk

    I am a Guy who doesn't seek attention. I somehow get it without trying.. I am looking for Partner someone who can keep me on my toes..

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  • Dundalk Woman Profile Photo - Derrill53ba
    Derrill53ba Female, 39, Dundalk

    I Drink occasionally as it helps me with my dance moves in parties..

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