• Cranbrook Dating Guy Profile Photo - Lyam86pr
    Lyam86pr Male, 21, Cranbrook

    I am here for Romance because life's too short to be serious. I'm Non vegetarian I don't kill it myself..

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  • Cranbrook Woman Profile Photo - Abeedja68su
    Abeedja68su Female, 29, Cranbrook

    I am a Psychologist Often busy helping people (for money of course)..

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  • Cranbrook Dating Guy Profile Photo - Henri63pa
    Henri63pa Male, 23, Cranbrook

    I have done my Masters in Prosthetics & Orthotics.. I am looking for Romance with whom I can have 2 AM conversations..

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  • Cranbrook Woman Profile Photo - Theresa95me
    Theresa95me Female, 28, Cranbrook

    I am a hair stylist and I post pictures of food. Helps me get free food..

    Woman Looking for Friendship

  • Cranbrook Man Profile Photo - Darcy17ga
    Darcy17ga Male, 27, Cranbrook

    I am Divorced It's not as bad as it sounds.. Being a Aquarius I am always curious to know everything in life..

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  • Cranbrook Woman Profile Photo - Charlotte73jh
    Charlotte73jh Female, 35, Cranbrook

    I am looking for Better half someone whom my judgemental friends would approve..

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  • Cranbrook Dating Guy Profile Photo - Shay66ta
    Shay66ta Male, 25, Cranbrook

    I completed my Bachelors in Speech Language & Audiology.. I Do not drink , I can't afford to lose brain cells..

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  • Cranbrook Woman Profile Photo - Grace81ko
    Grace81ko Female, 26, Cranbrook

    Here because I don't run in to hot guys at super markets..

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  • Cranbrook Man Profile Photo - Rodrigo92sh
    Rodrigo92sh Male, 34, Cranbrook

    I Drink because I can afford a liver transplant.. I am here for Friendship who can make me happy..

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  • Cranbrook Dating Girl Profile Photo - Fredi286
    Fredi286 Female, 21, Cranbrook

    My star sign is Sagittarius I am optimistic and straightforward..

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  • Cranbrook Man Profile Photo - Zeke18na
    Zeke18na Male, 30, Cranbrook

    I Drink often Fortunately.. I am working as a Psychologist and not just a Brainiac..

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  • Cranbrook Man Profile Photo - Kodie16ku
    Kodie16ku Male, 35, Cranbrook

    I am here for Casual Dating Someone who wouldn't talk on a movie date.. I am a hair stylist , enough reason to match me I guess!.

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