•  Dating Male Profile Photo - Malik71gu
    Malik71gu Male, 22, Cranbrook

    I am a Guy and I am Batman too (Shhhh, it's a secret). I completed my Bachelors in Physiotherapy. And now I make miracles happen..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Geoffery5su
    Geoffery5su Male, 28, Cranbrook

    I completed my Bachelors but I want to be an entrepreneur.

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Rourke633
    Rourke633 Male, 25, Cranbrook

    I am a lawyer Sorry, Can't help you with your loan.. I am here for Someone Special Someone who is a binge eater.. I am a Guy and I like jumping from planes..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Eleanor86go
    Eleanor86go Female, 28, Cranbrook

    I Sometimes smoke. Why? Because it feels good.. I am here for Serious Relationship Looking for love which is supposed to be in the air..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Alexandra74kh
    Alexandra74kh Female, 40, Cranbrook

    I am a Post Graduation in Hotel Management. I can serve you well.. I am here for Match Someone who treasures relationships, not possessions..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Rfiann
    Rfiann Male, 37, Cranbrook

    I am a Masters in Home Science. (I make a mistake twice. Second one on the even bigger level). I am looking for Activity Partner Someone who can cook for me..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Pete976
    Pete976 Male, 29, Cranbrook

    I Do not drink I used to, but I have quit..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Ralph68da
    Ralph68da Male, 31, Cranbrook

    I am a Man with an ESTP personality.. I love Vegan My body, my kitchen, my choice.. I've pursued Bachelors and now I'm preparing for Army..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Wendy915
    Wendy915 Female, 31, Cranbrook

    I'm Eggetarian If you don't eat eggs, you're missing a lot in your life.. I am Widowed but not here to re-marry or anything.. I am a Women who is good at everything. Almost everything. Very few things actually. Okay fine! Good at nothing..

  •  Dating Female Profile Photo - Morgan18ka
    Morgan18ka Female, 38, Cranbrook

    I am a Women who still watches cartoons.. I love Eggetarian because I'm not a cruel person..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Landon80ma
    Landon80ma Male, 37, Cranbrook

    I love Vegetarian because plants give oxygen, why kill them?. I am here for Long Term Relationship who is serious about life..

  •  Dating Male Profile Photo - Stafford778
    Stafford778 Male, 21, Cranbrook

    I have done my Diploma and am excited to hit the college.