• Cowansville Dating Guy Profile Photo - Marland58ch
    Marland58ch Male, 24, Cowansville

    I don't Drink occasionally I haven't done anything stupid so far.. I am looking for Activity Partner because life's too short to fall in love with just one person..

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  • Cowansville Dating Girl Profile Photo - Garyn51ch
    Garyn51ch Female, 19, Cowansville

    I am a Girl who loves watching TV shows..

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  • Cowansville Dating Guy Profile Photo - Garfield2da
    Garfield2da Male, 19, Cowansville

    I am a consultant it is tougher than it sounds.. I am a Guy and am an achiever!.

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  • Cowansville Woman Profile Photo - Danika346
    Danika346 Female, 39, Cowansville

    I'm Vegetarian because I'm 'grey' kind of a person. Never fully black or white..

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  • Cowansville Man Profile Photo - Lamont6ka
    Lamont6ka Male, 35, Cowansville

    I am Divorced Turning my life around.. I Sometimes I tried once to make rings. Failed miserably..

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  • Cowansville Woman Profile Photo - Serefina331
    Serefina331 Female, 31, Cowansville

    I am a Bachelors in mass communication. (I didn't know how else to talk to the opposite sex).

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  • Cowansville Dating Guy Profile Photo - Vito8du
    Vito8du Male, 18, Cowansville

    I am single and I have kids.. I Don't smoke smoke. And I like it, don't ask me to quit..

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  • Cowansville Woman Profile Photo - Lori29mi
    Lori29mi Female, 39, Cowansville

    I am a Advertising , enough reason to match me I guess!.

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  • Cowansville Dating Guy Profile Photo - Vern44ve
    Vern44ve Male, 21, Cowansville

    I Regularly smoke. Not gonna quit that.. I am looking for Internet Buddies who can understand my expectations and needs.

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  • Cowansville Woman Profile Photo - Cassiopia3am
    Cassiopia3am Female, 26, Cowansville

    I am Separated I had my reasons..

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  • Cowansville Man Profile Photo - Kirton76me
    Kirton76me Male, 33, Cowansville

    I am looking for Better half someone who respects traditions & values.. I am a Man and I am proud of it..

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  • Cowansville Woman Profile Photo - Derrin6ch
    Derrin6ch Female, 33, Cowansville

    If you're ambitious and take life seriously, hit me!.

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