• Cornwall Dating Guy Profile Photo - Yule87ka
    Yule87ka Male, 23, Cornwall

    I am a Leo and you'll find an excellent communicator in me..

    Guy Looking for Women

  • Cornwall Dating Girl Profile Photo - William76jh
    William76jh Female, 24, Cornwall

    I'm Eggetarian I am health conscious..

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  • Cornwall Man Profile Photo - Kolby99ya
    Kolby99ya Male, 34, Cornwall

    I am an Aquarius Loyal, analytical & practical.. I am here for Friendship Though it keeps on changing time to time..

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  • Cornwall Dating Girl Profile Photo - Justine40pu
    Justine40pu Female, 19, Cornwall

    I am a photographer and adjustment is in my blood!.

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  • Cornwall Man Profile Photo - Harland73sa
    Harland73sa Male, 31, Cornwall

    My star sign is Sagittarius which makes me impatient, aggressive and egoistic. (Be aware). I am looking for Someone Special because love is overrated..

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  • Cornwall Woman Profile Photo - Vellda340
    Vellda340 Female, 29, Cornwall

    I sometimes smoke and I admit I shouldn't.

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  • Cornwall Man Profile Photo - Knight8mu
    Knight8mu Male, 31, Cornwall

    I am looking for Soulmate who loves to try new stuff.. I am a banker Don't be a smoker..

    Man Looking for Friendship

  • Cornwall Dating Guy Profile Photo - Mikael83dh
    Mikael83dh Male, 19, Cornwall

    I am a Guy who loves to laugh.. I completed my Bachelors in Fashion. Yep, I would judge you by your dressing sense..

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  • Cornwall Woman Profile Photo - Elvy85mo
    Elvy85mo Female, 40, Cornwall

    I am a Women and a guitar enthusiast..

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  • Cornwall Man Profile Photo - Ackley17ar
    Ackley17ar Male, 38, Cornwall

    I am Non vegetarian Screw Karma.. I am here for New Friends who respects my space..

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  • Cornwall Woman Profile Photo - Twwlyc
    Twwlyc Female, 37, Cornwall

    I am Separated We are on good terms. It won't affect my dating life..

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  • Cornwall Man Profile Photo - Warren90mu
    Warren90mu Male, 30, Cornwall

    I am Divorced and need someone hang out with.. I'm Vegan Tea + half fry = Yum!.

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