• Comox Man Profile Photo - Nat93sa
    Nat93sa Male, 28, Comox

    I Drink often Another drink please,' is my favourite line.. Being a Capricorn , praise me!.

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  • Comox Woman Profile Photo - Freeda378
    Freeda378 Female, 37, Comox

    I am here for New Friends maybe. For now, just exploring the app..

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  • Comox Dating Guy Profile Photo - Rusty28bh
    Rusty28bh Male, 19, Comox

    Being a Taurus I feel better to be in the company of witty and fun loving people. I completed my Bachelors in Public Relations. (Kinda makes me good at relationships).

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  • Comox Woman Profile Photo - Melanie60vy
    Melanie60vy Female, 30, Comox

    I Sometimes smoke. And I don't want to hear any lectures..

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  • Comox Man Profile Photo - Franklyn57si
    Franklyn57si Male, 33, Comox

    I've pursued Bachelors and I learned how to drink.. I'm Eggetarian If you don't eat eggs, you're missing a lot in your life..

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  • Comox Dating Girl Profile Photo - Caoimhe66ku
    Caoimhe66ku Female, 20, Comox

    I Drink often because I can..

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  • Comox Man Profile Photo - Virgil50bi
    Virgil50bi Male, 38, Comox

    I Sometimes smoke. Life is too short to care.. I am a Cancer Respect my boundaries and we're good..

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  • Comox Dating Guy Profile Photo - Braylon89pa
    Braylon89pa Male, 19, Comox

    I have done my Doctorate in Social Works. Do good, have good.. My star sign is Sagittarius , a restless wanderer..

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  • Comox Woman Profile Photo - Wynter53ta
    Wynter53ta Female, 26, Comox

    I am Divorced I am still young, wild and free..

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  • Comox Man Profile Photo - Reynard70ma
    Reynard70ma Male, 32, Comox

    I Sometimes How can you knowing its effects on lungs?. I am a Diploma in science, probably the reason I'm single..

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  • Comox Woman Profile Photo - Hazelnew81va
    Hazelnew81va Female, 37, Comox

    I am an Model So now you know I am intelligent..

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  • Comox Dating Guy Profile Photo - Zavier68gr
    Zavier68gr Male, 21, Comox

    I am a Guy and a music snob.. I'm Eggetarian I am not ashamed of it..

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